Gareth Henry and The Gareth Henry Scholarship Fund

Gareth Henry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistical and Actuarial Science from Heriot-Watt University located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Henry is an established figure and professional in the finance sector. He is a highly sought-out individual thanks to his expertise, experience and the global recognition he’s earned from both clients and peers.

Henry currently a managing director at a leading alternative investment firm. He serves as the firm’s Managing Director; a position he uses to steer the firm to greater success with the help of other executives. In 2018, Henry launched a scholarship fund in partnership with the Heriot-Watt University. The scholarship program is known as the Gareth Henry Scholarship Fund, and has been developed to benefit selected undergraduate Actuarial Science students.

The students who will get the rare chance of benefiting from this scholarship fund will also receive invaluable mentorship from Gareth Henry as he promised. The mentorship program Henry will be offering to students benefiting from the scholarship program will be exclusive; the purpose of the program is to propel these students’ career development.

Thanks to the Heriot-Watt University, Henry was acquainted with an all-around and robust foundation in actuarial science, this being pivotal to success as a professional. For this reason, Henry deemed it right to partner with the University in offering a scholarship program that could benefit students while also providing his promised mentorship program in an attempt to equip the students with all the necessary knowledge needed to succeed in the fast-paced and ever-evolving actuary job market.

Other than crediting the Heriot-Watt University for his success, Henry also applauds the higher learning institution on being proactive something evident by the inclusion of extensive AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning programs in the study of Actuarial Science. According to Henry, these two programs (AI and machine learning) coupled with the study of technology as a whole (not just information technology) are increasingly becoming vital in the fast-paced contemporary financial sector.

Gareth Henry has held various positions in different firms, the most notable being; a Research Management Analyst at Watson Wyatt (after graduating) and as an Investment Manager at SEI Investments.

About Gareth Henry: