Wengie’s important daily morning routine suggestions

I enjoyed watching Wengie’s morning routine video. Wengie demonstrated how waking up in the morning when your alarm clock rings can be more beneficial to us rather than setting it back for an extra 5 minutes. When you wake up on time you will be less tired and more energetic to complete whatever needs to get done right away. When you sleep an extra 5 minutes, you feel more tired and have less time to complete tasks that are needed.


Waking up on time gives you the opportunity to make breakfast, prepare your belongings for your outing, brush your teeth and moisturize your face. Meanwhile, waking up later impedes you from completing important daily tasks, leaves you looking and feeling restless. You may also have a higher chance of getting late to your destination.


Waking up on time allows you to put on your makeup very well, making a stylish hair do and pick out gorgeous outfits which looks cute to go outside in. On the other hand, when you wake up late you tend to apply the make up in a rush making numerous mistakes, you may choose to pick up your hair in a ponytail rather than creating a nice hairstyle, and may even tend to wear the same outfit you used to go to sleep in.

For all these reasons, I recommend that we should all use Wengie’s video recommendations which demonstrated that doing everything on time may be more beneficial then a hindrance for us.


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