Dabie Tsai and Machine Learning

Dabie Tsai is a leading industry expert in the world of accounting and auditing. She worked as a partner at KPMG, where she took on various responsibilities over the course of 23 years. Her experience is diverse. Dabie Tsai has strong experience in US GAAP, IFRS, SEC filings, credit risk, and mergers and acquisitions as well as in corporate governance matters and internal control over financial reporting.

The expert noted that the future of accounting and auditing will largely be advanced by innovations in machine learning. Dabie Tsai believes that there is an inherent human aspect of accounting that no level of machine learning will be able to replace. She has stated that advanced technology in data analytics and cognitives  will actually help expert accountants and auditors concentrate on more focus-based tasks (Blogwebpedia).

Machine learning won’t just affect accounting but also the entire finance industry as a whole. It will be interesting to see what comes next. We fully expect Tsai to be at the forefront of whatever new development takes the world by storm.

Find more about Tsai´s prediction about the future of accounting at http://positivethefacts.com/2019/01/dabie-tsai-future-of-accounting/


Nina Vaca on the Importance of Students Participating in STEM Education

Nina Vaca is the founder of Pinnacle Group. She started the firm when she was in her 20s. Over the years, her company has become one of the largest IT staffing firms in the United States. Vaca also has a passion for philanthropy and helping other women.

Vaca has always placed an importance on lifting others up. Most recently, she has started to focus much of her efforts on expanding opportunities for girls and women in STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. She believes that these industries are of great importance to women in this era and future generations. Careers involving STEM academics are expected to grow as much as nine percent in the next five years. Because of the boom in STEM careers, women will have more opportunities than ever to work in these fields and create a substantial impact on the economy.

Vaca also believes that it is important for women to develop courage. The ability to approach your role models with courage and determination is key in reaching aspirations and goals. Vaca believes that success involves the ability to surround yourself with people whom you know truly want to see you prosper. She also believes that it is important to spend time with people that you admire and with whom you share similar values. These are the types of people you want to learn from and who will help you grow.

Doe Deere Has A Background In Fashion And Uses It To Create Her Products

Fashion has a long and elegant history. For many people, fashion remains a source of inspiration and fascination. Fashion allows people to express something deep inside. One person who comes to this field with her own personal and unique ideas is Doe Deere. Deere is one of the most respected names in contemporary fashion and makeup today. She comes to her own personal view with an impressive background. Having grown up in Russia and moved to the United States as a teenager, she bring a cultural viewpoint as well that is open to multiple points of view. Her own background also includes serious preparation for the world she finds herself viewing and the business she has developed. Her work in the field of makeup has been about helping others find what works for them. Learn more:  https://www.limecrime.com/pages/our-founder


Her Educational Background


As a young woman in Russia, Deere found that she loved the arts. She wanted to be part of a world she loved from the very first. She decided that it would be a great idea for her to head out to the United States. She had always adored the United States and wanted to there. When coming to another world as a teen, it was everything she had hoped. She moved to New York City. Here, she looked at her potential educational options. She knew that the field of fashion was what called to her. It was then that she decided that it would be a good idea to consider as much educational as possible. New York City is home to many fine educational opportunities. For Doe Deere, her own educational aspirations took her to the world renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. Here, people from around the world get a great grounding in the field of fashion. They learn how to marry their vision with practicality. She embraced this education, loving every single class she took here. As a student, she appreciated the chance to work closely with some of the most skilled and thoughtful fashion designers in the business. She learned, she and began to think about how best to use her background well. As she made her way through her chosen field, her understanding of classical techniques would continue to serve her and provide her with the framework she needed.


Using Her Background


It was at FIT that she decided it was time to strike out on her own. She wanted to get hands out experience in the field. She also new that own skills would allow her to start something fresh and entirely new. Her ideas quickly began to take shape. She started a makeup company called Lime Crime. Lime Crime is all about her personal use of the world of color. She looked at the world of makeup and thought it was missing something. Using her artistic eye and sense of color, she began to create her own personal makeup line. This is where she is today: at the center of a happy color revolution in contemporary fashion.


How Doe Deere Pulls Off The Hottest MakeUp Looks

If pink hair color and coordinating textures, or perhaps pairing your eye shadow with your matte lipstick keeps you up at night, then these tips straight from Doe Deere’s Lime Crime territory will eradicate the problem. In a bustle article, the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere explains how to achieve makeup tricks that leave a lasting impression. Trust, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll understand the importance of a balanced look.

So, a smoky eye seems pretty easy. That is, until you have to select a lipstick, which could upset the entire look and venture into a nose dive. According to Doe Deere, the modus operadi has been to diminish the bold look. For example, many celebrity artist will go with a smoky eye and a nude lip and the final result has you focusing on one or the other, so not to take away from either one. Doe Deere says, “who made up that ridiculous rule?” Hey, toss out the rules and pair deep reds with velvet hues that compel on-lookers to stare. I so love that rule!

And since no one knows how to get the most out of vibrant hair colors, and far too many are sticking to black and neutrals to pair with pastel hair, I really love this next rule. “Pay special attention to how your hair color can play off your clothing,” says Deere. Combine pale blues and pink hues with denim and light-colored clothing combinations while saturated hues should be paired with reds and violet based clothing.

Russian-born New Yorker, Doe Deere, the woman behind the thrill of extravagant hair color hues doesn’t believe in a camouflaged industry, but rather a fun-filled arsenal of style. “Color creates emotional and visual impact,” and “sameness is so boring,” says Deere. The self-made makeup mogul started her venture on Ebay, back in 2004. Revolutionary “Lime Crime” broke all the rules and sparked a movement towards pink, lavender and grays, and today, that revolution has grown into a fashion-forward backdrop.

The self-professed “unicorn” has thousands of Lime Crime unicorn followers, and the highly successful Doe Deere doesn’t just stop at hair color and blue lipsticks. Deere’s company has grown into a mega-success for cosmetics and clothing that has even caught the eye of celebrities like Dita Von Teese. The one rule Doe Deere does embrace – “allow the creativity of cosmetics make you happy.”

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How QNET Brings Opportunity to Women

QNET answers the call of the emerging number of women who would love to explore entrepreneurship while developing a home life. Women of today desire work-life balance and look for options that will provide that key benefit. QNET has been a proponent for women in the entrepreneurial world and addresses this by providing positions as a member of their direct sales team. Women currently make up 74.4% of their workforce. As Independent Representatives for the company, women are learning leadership, marketing and sells skills, which are essential in entrepreneurship. Such a role allows flexibility and freedom as well as empowerment. According to QNET’s Glassdoor reviews their employees are quite happy at the company.

Working for QNET is an opportunity for women achieve goals and be a part of a community that encourages women to be leaders. While the company is supportive of the advancement of women, they are also benefiting by their hiring choice. The reason for the high percentage of their mostly female sales team is also because women fit their brand. According to Khaled Diab, regional general manager, women offer a nurturing nature that contributes to the promotion and purchasing of their products. As the products are for women, offering an array of products including cosmetics, jewelry, and clothing, QNET enjoys having women as the face of their company. QNET is a Hong Kong based company that uses direct sales to distribute their products to an international client base. The company is managed by the QIGroup. QNET started in 1998 as a merchant of gold coins, then expanded to offering luxury and leisure items and services such as travel and vacation. Some of their featured products include weight management, energy enhancement, fashion accessories, education opportunities and technology products and solutions. They currently have markets around the world, including United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Egypt and Rwanda. They also have franchises companies in India and Egypt.

The company is deemed the United Nations of direct selling. With a market across the world, they are able to work with other entities including the Martina Hingis and Manchester Football Club. They are a part of several associations including the Hong Kong Health and Food Association and the Direct Selling Association in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. QNET is also involved in various humanitarian efforts. They are a part of the United Nations Global Compact Network. QNET recently teamed up with the Lions Club International for charity efforts. They donated a kidney dialysis unit to the Shirdi Sai Hospital in Devasandra, Bangalore.

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Doe Deere Changes the Landscape of Fashion

The fashion and beauty industry has been a place involving strict rules for people to follow. In a world that should be more accepting of all kinds of beauty and expression the industry tends to accept only one strict version of what fashion really is. True beauty is located within and that is where Doe Deere takes the restrictions accepted by the industry and turns them on their head. Her company Lime Crime is the vehicle she uses to change the rules and allow each lady to be themselves. It is the unique combinations of bright colors and interesting shades that have led to the company being labeled as makeup for unicorns. That is one of the very best descriptions because it separates Doe Deere and her products from the noise of the rest of the industry. Here are some of the rules that Doe Deere likes to break.

The fashion industry has always had a rule that a person should only wear one bold area at a time. Either eyes or lips are the usual culprits. Heavy eyes are combined with light lips or vise versa, but Deere suggests breaking this rule because she feels that nothing is more expressive than creating a totally bold facial expressions with both eyes and lips popping. She sees this as an opportunity to display your inner sense of fun and adventure. Deere is a makeup guru and when she advises bold colors, you wear bold colors and that will totally refresh your look and allow you to express yourself.

When it comes to mixing colors the industry states that you should not mix too many different colors in your appearance. This is a rule that Doe Deere throws out the window. If you have a jazzy outgoing feeling then you can use a multitude of colors that will not get in the way of your fashion statement but allow you to look totally unique, fun and sexy. Doe Deere believes a solid display of color. These are the types of practices that make Lime Crime the place to get makeup for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Deere suggests that color coordination is the simple trick for pulling off the multiple color look. She practices the same thing with makeup and hair as well. Hot pink an lavender or peach and periwinkle are two of her favorites. It is important not to put limits on what you like based on the opinions of the industry.

The rules are definitely something that Doe Deere and Lime Crime have thrown out the window because nobody can tell you what feels good to you. When you feel good about yourself there isn’t anything you can’t do. That is the freedom and expression that the supporters of Lime Crime have come to expect. Their world is of bright colors and interesting patterns that some in the fashion industry might shy away from, but Doe Deere embraces them fully and completely. It is in this way that the landscape of what is acceptable and attractive has been changed forever and that is a good thing.

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