Rocketship Education Blazes a New Path in Education

Rocketship Education is a unique brand of education because it does more than just the traditional models. Instead of taking 30 or so students and making them sit for an hour listening to a lecture, it does things much differently and much more effectively.

Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that looks to located in economically challenged neighborhoods where children do not have access to quality schools. One of the biggest keys to the success of Rocketship Education is the empowerment and involvement of parents in the educational process. Without that vital element, success in learning is very difficult indeed.

Rocketship Education bases its successful concept upon three main pillars of achievement. The first is the personalized learning model where each student develops a learning plan with the parents fully involved. Students begin with a generalized core of basic learning essentials such as English, math, and writing mastery. Then they branch out into more individualized areas.

The second pillar is talent development which helps the student identify and grow individual talents and abilities. The third pillar is parental power where parents see the objectives of a quality education for their children and how they can play a major role in helping that to happen.

There is an emphasis on basic learning from a general classroom concept which then breaks down into small groups where students can get more in detail to iron out any issues and problems. Then there are sessions that utilize digital learning using smartphones, laptops and tablets. Repetitive learning is very adaptable to digital and sequential learning that is ideal for children to progress on their own using computerized lessons.

Traits of life are also emphasized such as accountability, respect, and empathy. Other enrichment activities include art, nutrition, dance, music, gardening and more such activities that the students will treasure the rest of their lives.

When students are well-rounded they develop the facet of critical thinking where they are able to make choices on their own about their own well-being. The develop the core value of persistence where they will pursue an objective until they have it.