About Serge Belamant and Blockchain Technologies

Serge Belamant was born in France in the year 1953 and moved to South Africa at teen age. He did not understand English at the time, so he joined Highlands North Hugh School where he studied and learnt his English and shined in sports such as rugby. He later joined Witwatersrand University in South Africa and pursued engineering but shifted to computer science and applied mathematics while in his second year though he never finished his higher education.

Career and Achievements

Serge Belamant began his career at Matrix, an engineering company working as an IBM computer expert. Serge Belamant remains to be among the top in the field of computer engineering, information technology, finance, coding and programming, data and statistics, and software technology. The experience has made him hold top positions in different companies including Managing director of Net1 Investment Holdings for Net1 UEPS Technologies between October 1989 and September 1995. He later became chairman and CEO of the same company between May 2000 and May 2017, where he is also the co-founder of Net1 UEPS.

Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant’s idea on blockchain technology came from his past skills, which enabled him to develop, market, and invent the earliest Chip Offline Preauthorized Card. The card is widely operational today in preventing fraud and in verification of private Visa, bank or other financial related cards. The company spread its services to other countries outside South Africa such as Botswana, Namibia and even outside the continent to Iraq and Russia. Net1 Technologies has supported South Africa in different ways including payment of a large number of government employees.

The company obtained its global market when ranked on NASDAQ in 2005 making Serge Belamant recognized as one of the leading inventors hence giving the position of CEO and chairman of Net1 Technologies. The company expanded further developing more products including morphing technologies, a 1:N Biometric Comparison Engine and a flexible PIN.

These products were accepted in most countries and were adopted and currently used in various institutions for ATMs, privacy verification of clients, financial security services and against fraud. The company aimed to help financial institutions in data storage, the safety of banks from theft and for transparency.

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