Samuel Strauch- Principal Of Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a principal of a real estate company in South Florida known as Metrik Real Estate. Strauch is one of the most informed people on the status of the real estate property in Miami, Miami is one of the top targets for wealthy real estate investors. Miami attracts investors from all over the world, due to its conducive environment. In Miami, you will find people of all origins. The population is diverse since people have actually migrated from other continents to come settle in Miami. Miami is also a vacation destination and therefore vary attractive to the wealthy in the society.

Miami real estate sector is one of the markets that have accepted digital currencies as a means of transacting business. Foreign investors in the city are now coming up with innovative ways of buying and selling property. There are numerous advantages that have been created by the use bitcoin in transaction. Even though it’s just a small part of the population that have been accepted bitcoins as a means of transaction, the small group of people who have embraced them are already proving to the world that, digital currencies are the currencies of the future. Bitcoin which was first created in 2009 have gained popularity in the worth more so because of the rate at which it is gaining value Bitcoin has in 6 years moved from being equivalent to one dollar to now being equivalent to over 7000 dollars.

In Miami, there is a home seller who have shown the way for the rest by putting his house up for sale in bitcoins. The house is worth $6.5 million. Bitcoin has shown great potential as a means of transacting online. It is a safe way of transacting huge amounts of money while at the same time keeping transaction charges low.


About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is an investor in the real estate sector as well as a talented photographer. He went to the University of Hofstra in NY where he graduated with a business degree. He then joined Erasmus University and later joined Harvard University all for business related degrees in finance and real estate.

Through Metrik Real Estate, he hope that he will make a huge impact in the real estate sector in South Florida. Already he has made considerable achievements which he hopes to build on going forward. Samuel Strauch hopes to build on the huge experience he has acquired in the real state sector to provider even better services.

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New York Housing Market Analysis By Town Residential

The New York City housing market is changing and it is doing so drastically. The market has become a place where prices are rising and people are getting more of what they want from the options that they have to choose from in NYC apartments for rent, but at a higher price. The prices in the past quarter have risen by around 6% and are expected to continue rising before this quarter is over. This is a major issue for people who are looking to purchase a home in the city, but is great for people who are trying to sell a home in the city.

Another thing that is changing about the market is that there are fewer new developments going into the city. These developments are made for people who want to move into the city and are intended to create more valuable living space in an overcrowded area. Since these developments are not being built and occupied as often, it shows that people are moving into already-built homes in the city. The people of the city are simply moving around and there has not been much fluctuation in the way that people are moving into the city as there was in the past.

According to The Aggregate from Town Residential that was published by Virtual Strategy Marketing, the company has seen major changes in the market. These changes have led to higher prices and have made things harder for people who want to move into the city. Due to the higher prices, people are not moving into the city as much as they did in the past. There are new developments being built, but they are not filling up as quickly as they once did and are remaining vacant for long periods of time.

Town Residential is a company that works to provide New York City residents and potential residents with the best and luxury living. Based out of New York City, the company focuses its efforts in Manhattan. They have worked with residents of Manhattan and have given them the options that they deserve. They are market experts and have a good handle on the way that the New York city housing market works because they are constantly working within the market. They have gathered the information that makes up the Aggregate through market research and through simply being submerged in the real estate industry in the city.