Lori Senecal’s Way of Attracting the First Customer

One of the hardest aspects of business is attracting the first customer. Once someone has attracted his first customer, then he is going to be able to attract other customers depending on how well he works with them. Lori Senecal is someone who has attracted her first customer by being discovered by him. One thing that she has said was the way that her customer found her was her knowledge of her strengths and weaknesses. She had a reputation of knowing what strengths she had and where she has fallen short. Self-knowledge is actually a valuable trait given that a lot of people are not aware of themselves.

Another aspect of Lori Senecal is that she is someone who is willing to take on challenges. After all, she has learned to not stay in her comfort zone for too long. She is always someone that wants to grow and gain new skills so that she can help her business grow and gain even greater success. Given that she is an introvert, she has had to learn a lot about interacting with people while not getting drained from the interaction. For introverts, people who have a lot of interaction tend to find their energies at a lower level. Too much interaction can cause an introvert to feel drained.

According to Adage, Lori Senecal has taken the time to learn about her strengths so that she will be able to handle all of the demands of running a business, especially in the advertising industry. One thing that she has seen is that efficiency is very powerful in advertising. She works diligently in the field in coming up with all of the solutions to challenges that her clients are faced with. Therefore, businesses are going to see a lot of return on their investments into the ad campaigns.

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