George Soros Makes another Rise in Politics

Finally, George Soros has made his comeback in the political scene. This is after he made a major reduction regarding political funding since his $27 million dollar contribution in a bid to defeat President Bush. Slowly reappearing in the political scene, Soros has come out to be one of the top funders in Democrats politics. During the previous presidential campaigns, Soros donated over 25 million dollars to help Hillary among other Democrat candidates. This is another loss for Democrats which has led them to conclude that they need to reassess their approach to politics.

George Soros is a Budapest-born self-made billionaire who has amassed a wealth of over 24.7 billion dollars. George Soros seems to be more politically engaged now more than he has been in years. His campaigns for the Democrats and their causes has evident through his many donations. After the 2016 polls which shocked many people across the group Soros and other Financier behind the Democrats have banded to resist trump taking power. They will be gathering in a three-week conference in Washington to strategize on using the big-money left to fight back against Trump. The meeting is the first main gathering of the Party since their shocking loss to the Republicans. As indicated by the agenda, liberals are planning on a full-on Warfare against Donald Trump from the first day.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

The Democratic Alliances or DA as popularly known within the Democrats’ finance circles was launched by George Soros in 2005. This was after Soros, and a couple of other major donors spent a significant amount of funds to boost the then John Terry to challenge President George Bush in the 2004 election. Since its launch, DA has steered over 500 million dollars to numerous groups which are inclusive of the political left’s pillars such as the Watchdog Group Media Matters, The Catalist, and the Centre for American Progress.

According to a Soros’ spokesperson, Soros appearing in the conference as a guest speaker shows his commitment towards opposing Donald Trump. This is because Soros has only periodically attended the DA’s meeting and has been hardly part of the formal proceedings.

The billionaire who got his wealth through currency trading has lived through regimes of Nazism and Communism. Soros escaped the Nazi occupation of England in 1947 where he attended the London School of Economics and got his economics studies.Soros eventually settled in the United States where he has gathered an enormous amount of wealth. Soros is also known for his remarkable philanthropic contributions in the global community through his Open City Foundation. Over the years Soros has been politically involved in the championing of the rights of the oppressed and the minor groups. Soros has spent a significant amount of funds in a bid to improve the local law enforcement. This was through the championing of the election of black public prosecutors in the Federal courts. With his financial power, Soros is one of the most influential individuals in the United States and the World. His interest in the political scene has significantly increased in the past one year.

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George Soros Steps On The Political Stage Again

The American political season is one that begins roughly a year before the election. Americans have two parties. The Democrats have traditionally been the liberals while the Republicans have traditionally represented the conservative point of view. Those who observe the political sphere here often find themselves taking sides. Such is the case with George Soros. Soros grew up in Hungary and has chosen to make his home on the European continent. However, he has long been been a very close observer of the world political stage as well as his home in Europe. Soros has not hesitated to express his view of the entire world to others including his views on many nations in the European Union as well as nations in Asia and North America. It is with particular determination that he turns his attention as of late to the nation of the United States where the ongoing election has caught his attention.

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Helping The Democrats

Soros is one of the world’s men. His own personal fortune was made in the banking markets where his ability to predict market movement quickly became the stuff of legends on Bloomberg. Since that time, he has largely decided to retire from the fiscal markets and devote his time to his passion for politics. Soros’ latest passion in life on the political stage is that of the campaign of Hillary Clinton for president. Clinton is the first woman to head the top of the ticket in United States history. She is the former first lady and was in that post when her husband Bill Clinton took two terms in the office. Since his retirement from politics, his wife has increasingly assumed a primary role as one the standard bearers of the moderate wing of the Democratic party. Soros has donated millions to her present campaign for the office.

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His Own Campaign

As one of the most important voices in the world of finance in the last decade, Soros has been outspoken about his present views of the world. He was a victim of the Nazis and was forced to live under their rule as a small child solely because of his religious background. Since that time, George Soros has devoted his time to helping amass a fortune and also helping push what he feels is the right way to justice. In his opinion, this push needs to be about helping the Dems retain the presidency and avoiding the policies of Republican Donald Trump. He has been adamant that it is important for those in America not to vote for Trump as he does not like his viewpoint on many issues. He hopes that his help will be instrumental in avoiding the possibility of Trump Presidential win.