Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Understands Importance of Giving Back

Talk Fusion was established by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007 as a solution to the ever growing video marketing world. Reina accurately predicted just how important the video marketing industry would become and it has been this foresight that has led him to so much success. Talk Fusion’s growth has been in large part to Reina’s ability to constantly innovate and, within that innovation, give back to the communities that are in need or have supported him. Today let’s talk about how Bob Reina is turning Talk Fusion into one of the premier philanthropic companies in the world.


There are many different ways to give back to the needy, especially when you run a company as successful as Talk Fusion. We believe that one of Reina’s biggest accomplishments was his ability to blend giving back with doing business and that’s what brings us to the topic of our focus: the Talk Fusion Charity Account. The Talk Fusion Charity Account is a new offering that is available through the Talk Fusion website. The charity account is modeled after Talk Fusion’s popular ‘custom monthly plan’ and it comes with all of the same features: Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Video Email, and Video Chat. The big difference here is that the charity account can be tied to a charity of choice, chosen by the associate who makes the account deal.


Stepping away from Talk Fusion as an entity we can analyze Bob Reina as a person. Bob Reina firmly believes in the core thought, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” Reina knows how important his work with Talk Fusion is and he furthermore knows how important it is that he gives back to those less fortunate. It is this mindset and this maturity that has brought Reina to donating to numerous endeavors. Reina has already signed a record breaking $1 million check to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, to start things off. Reina has also given to Indonesian orphanages, tsunami relief funds, and even relief funds for victims of the Nepal earthquake — among many other charities that are out there.


Eric Pulier is Outstanding in His Field

There are times when an individual will stand above those out there who complete work that is similar to the work that they do, and Eric Pulier is one of those individuals who is ahead of the game. He has been ahead of the game since he was just a child, and he keeps going strong. Eric Pulier started working at programming computers while he was still in the fourth grade. He was a child who was not afraid to try something that some would think too difficult for someone of his age, and he is still ready to fight when he needs to.

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Eric Pulier founded a company that worked at addressing important issues such as health care and education. He also moved on to found an interactive agency. he is not afraid to try hard things, and his career is one that is constantly changing. He has led an effort to put together a social network that will help those children who are chronically ill interact with other individuals who are going through things similar to what they are facing. His efforts are changing lives for the better.

Eric Pulier was raised in New Jersey, and since his childhood, he has moved on to live in Los Angeles, California. He goes where he needs to go in order to complete the kind of work that he feels that he is called to do and that he feels is just right for him and the talents that he possesses.

Dick DeVos: Philanthropic Michigan Billionaire

The DeVos family is well known for their philanthropic efforts, having collectively donated more than $200 million to a variety of conservative and Christian non-profits and organizations.

The family’s patriarch, Richard DeVos Sr., co-founded merchandising giant Amway. A company which would net him billions of dollars and later be run by his sons Douglas DeVos and Dick DeVos. However, what the family is most well-known for is for their avid involvement in almost a dozen different philanthropic institutions from the Council for National Policy to the FreedomWorks Foundation.

Operating in the same conservative circles as the well-known Koch brothers, the family has supported anti-union and anti-tax efforts, and are often invited to exclusive donor summits. Many members have also involved themselves in local government and national politics.

Although the DeVos children were born into wealth, they all founded their own enterprises and many of them decided to become involved in local and national politics. A prime example of this is how Dick DeVos used the experience he gained from growing up around his father’s company to build his own enterprises and make a lasting impact in the state of Michigan.

According to his Wikipedia page, DeVos worked as President and CEO of Amway but also held positions as CEO of the Orlando Magic and is now currently the President of the WindQuest Group, a privately held investment management firm.

The younger DeVos has also been involved in various local philanthropic efforts. According to the biography on his website, he has led revitalizing changes to Grand Rapids, Michigan, including the building of a $130 million heart hospital and a brand new $212 million convention center. DeVos also started a scholarship fund which has to date awarded more than 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged children in the state.

Through his foundation, The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, DeVos and his family have supported organizations such as the West Michigan Aviation Academy and Kids Hope USA.

He still continues to personally be involved in several projects meant to grow Michigan’s education sector, with his most recent endear being the opening of the country’s first aviation public charter high school.

George Soros Russia Ban

The Temporary Aberration of George Soros Charities in Russia.

The Open Society Foundations date back to 1979 when their pioneer, founder and director George Soros ventured into philanthropy. These foundations have grown in every society across the globe due to their real agenda.

Open Society Foundations look after the interest of human societies. They believe in a world that believes in diversity. What makes us different makes us stand out as unique beings. We must learn to accept and embrace diversity as one of the truths of life. As such, every human being ought to be treated equally.

George Soros structured these groups to operate independently and deal with the widespread problems in their geographical area. Resultantly, a vast network of collaborating partners come together to make projects work. Their fields of focus include education, economic empowerment, promotion of democracy which incorporates the voices of the people and, therefore, an open society. They also call for accountability in governance.

Some of the noble works associated with the open society foundations include educating underprivileged children in Roma, South Africa, Ukraine and other parts of the world. They have also empowered marginalized groups and assisted refugees and victims of civil war and conflicts. Some of the partners they work with include the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness and the International Crisis Group.

This year, the network has begun in a hushed tone. It has lost substantial ground regarding progress in Russia. The Russian government launched attacks on the societies late last year. Two Democratic groups, the OSF and OSIAF were banned and declared threats to the Constitution and, therefore, the security of the state.

Russia acted on the prohibition by launching an operation to destroy the work done by the groups. To the dismay of the foundations, books donated to schools in the Komi province have been burned and shredded. These books contained topics on the principles of humanitarianism and democracy.

The situation has courted controversy. In a statement released by the Open Society, they termed the accusation as contradictory. Further evidence showed that since inception, the open societies have compounded the rule of law in Russia and promoted human rights. In an official statement, OSF cited its cordial relationship with the Russian people as well as their strategic partnerships with civil groups.

George Soros on his part remained categorical that the wishes of the Russian people would prevail, and the current situation might end soon. In other quotas, it’s feared Russia’s attack on the OSF was a statement to George Soros who differs with Russia’s foreign policy and a host of other issues. A classic example is a publication by Soros citing what should be done by Europe and other Western powers to stop Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Last year, Soros urged donors to fund Ukraine to the tune of $50 million so it could strengthen its arsenal. George Soros also criticizes Russia’s President Vladimir Putin terming him as a retrogressive leader who loves war. Such strong sentiment might have prompted Russia to send the ban notice.

Students Reaching New Heights with Bruce Levenson Donation

ESPN reported since selling the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson has turned his attention towards helping others throughout the Atlanta area and beyond. One way the UCG founder has done this is by offering students the ability to receive scholarships for attending the University of Maryland through The Center for Philanthropy. Each of the different scholarships provides different ways to cut down on the price of tuition, and students are now realizing the idea of Bruce Levenson to help students cut down on the amount of money they need to pay when in school. The Center for Philanthropy is offering several incentive courses and programs to students who qualify. With each semester, the value at the end of the course ends with a $10,000 gift to different non-profit organizations. Essentially, a student attends the courses in a dorm specifically created for students who are interested in taking on this kind of learning. The dorm is designed to hold up to 60 freshman who are taking courses within the center. The center does more than just provide assistance in learning about donating and giving back to the world around them. The top students are granted a trip to developing nations in the world in order to work with organizations in these regions. Recently, 12 students went to India in order to work with different NGO groups that specialized in working with the disabled, youth outreach and wildlife preservation. All of this has gone a long way in promoting individuals to give back to their local communities.