Marc Beer Is Keeping The Funding Up At Renovia To Research Women’s Health

Renovia is a relatively new healthcare company that is dedicated to researching, diagnosing, and developing products to improve the lives of women that are suffering from diseases. Marc Beer co-founded Renovia in Boston back in 2016 and he has been focused on leading the company toward a brighter future ever since.


Marc has an extensive background in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the healthcare industry in general and his expertise has been put on display for the healthcare community to see. After a successful Series A funding in 2016 when Renovia opened, Marc Beer added another successful funding round for Renovia last year. Marc’s company gained several new investors and managed to pool more than 40 million dollars to aid in diagnoses and medical equipment development.


According to researcher estimates, there are currently around 250 million women suffering from pelvic floor disorders globally. Pelvic floor disorder is the primary focus at Renovia, for the time being, and they recently had their first product approved by the FDA in 2018. Leva is the first of several products that Renovia is working on to be approved so it will be the first to see public use as it goes through more extensive testing.


Leva is not the first time Marc Beer has pushed to have a drug approved by the FDA. At his former company, Marc worked to develop a drug known as Juxtapid, which would treat people faced with unusually high cholesterol, which can lead to heart conditions like atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, Marc was shut down rather abruptly when his product didn’t get approved by the FDA, suggesting that the drug was mislabeled to treat heart conditions rather than high cholesterol.


This setback inspired Marc Beer to check all the bases this time around at Renovia and now he is on a path to improve women’s health around the world. With the recent approval of Leva, Renovia has gained more traction and support throughout the medical community in Boston as well. The future looks good for Leva but Marc believes they will need more time and funding to help the product truly shine as a digital health platform for all women. The medical industry has only just begun to truly delve into digital health with the latest advancements in technology and Renovia will perhaps be one of the first to make real headway with an effective and widespread medical device. Learn more:


Rodrigo Terpins’ Plans For Forest Success

The majority of Brazilians will always associate Rodrigo Terpins will the Brazilian rally racing scene, and it’s easy to see why. He’s been well respected in the industry for the past twenty years due to the significant achievements he’s had during his career. One of the most recent of these was in 2018 when he took part in the 22nd annual Sertões Rally. Rodrigo Terpins and his partner Fabrício Bianchini were a major part of the Bull Sertões Rally Team.

Naturally, the two were worried about how they’d perform in the Sertões Rally; the extremely difficult circuit takes place over 2,600km and passes through seven cities and two states. On top of that, there was a variety of diverse terrains to contend with. All of that would make any rally driver nervous as only the best of the best make it there, and that’s before you consider the strenuous competition that you’ll be up against. Because of that, only the best rally car drivers in Brazil make it to the top ten. But Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini had something else to content with during the 2018 circuit; there were reservations about their cars suspension.

However, they overcame this and finished the first leg of the circuit in less than two hours; this guaranteed them a place in the top ten. By the end of the event, the duo had come in third in their own category while placing eighth overall. Impressive for a team who was supposed to be driving a car with some somewhat difficult suspension. However, it’s Rodrigo Terpins has been focused on environmental issues over the past decade or so; in 2009 he founded Floresvale which focused on developing and maintaining sustainable and renewable timber sources across Brazil.

Over the past decade, the company has developed over 5,000 hectares of eucalyptus forests in Brazil; the majority of these are in the Queluz, Silveiras, Monteiro Lobato, São Luiz do Paraitinga and Taubaté regions. However, Rodrigo Terpins’ goal wasn’t to get rich off timber; instead, he’s looking more toward the environmental side. Of the 5,000 hectares of forest, 2,400 of these are set aside specifically for permanent preservation.


Marc Beer Is On A Mission To Provide Women With Better Health

Marc Beer has been in the healthcare industry for more than two decades, specifically focused on pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Throughout his career, he has been in many executive positions and has developed his own treatments as well. Today, Marx is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Renovia Inc. Renovia was first founded back in 2016 by Marc Beer, Ramon Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorie. Before founding Renovia, Marc Beer was working at ViaCell, a company he founded and also lead as CEO with more than 300 employees working under him. The main focus of this organization was the development and preservation of stem cells that are found inside the umbilical cord after babies are born.


In the latest series of funding done by Marc Beer, he was able to pull in a deal worth 32 million dollars, which included an extra 10 million dollars through added venture debt. Renovia is only a new Medtech company located in the Boston area, but it quickly building momentum and making a name for itself through the leadership skills of Marc Beer. The primary treatments Renovia is looking at for the time being have to do with pelvic floor disorders in women and they are constantly researching new methods of treatment, including therapeutics. According to estimates, there are hundreds of millions of women around the globe suffering from pelvic floor disorders, which means Renovia could have a far reach and impact around the world if they are successful.


Recently, Renovia was able to put out its very first product that has been approved by the FDA which is being called Leva. Thanks to the successful and generous funding from other organizations, Renovia has a good outlook for the future. Longwood Fund has been one of the leading supporters of the funding rounds at Renovia, with much of the rest coming from link-minded individuals who are looking to create a healthy world for everyone to live in. With more funding, Marc is certain that Renovia could develop more advanced equipment that would be more cost effective for patients with more treatment options, such as a portable Leva device. Learn more :


Alex Pall Provides Memorable Interview To Interview Magazine

Two years ago, Alex Pall provided a memorable Interview Magazine with an interview. The interview occurred shortly after The Chainsmokers released their track called “Closer,” which you may remember because Halsey was featured on it and Andrew Taggart, the other member of The Chainsmokers, sings in it.

Alex Pall On Working Together With Andrew Taggart

Alex Pall spent a lot of time in New York City, which is where he was doing DJ gigs. In fact, he had enough work going on that he considered it as a small career, like side work. However, he was extremely passionate about it and eventually his manager introduced him to Taggart. Shortly after that, they started to create music together and the rest is history.

Knowing When It Would Work Out

Pall was asked when he and Taggart knew that things would work out between the two and he responded that they both knew just how bad they wanted to succeed and make music. In short, the two knew it would work out pretty much right away.

About Signing Their Own Songs And About Their Lives

Pall was told that it was unique that he and Taggart sang their own songs, especially since they sing about their lives. Pall said there are many people who don’t write their own lyrics, and that they always make it a point to write their songs with any songwriters they work with.

Working With Halsey

Pall said that it was a great experience, when asked what it was like to work with the singer Halsey. He went on to describe her as being incredible and how she was at the top of the Chainsmokers’ list of artists they wanted to work with.

As for what fans can expect next, they can expect Pall and Taggart to continue to produce unique music. They can also expect them to continue to evolve.