Great Coffee and a Great Business Opportunity. That’s Organo Gold!

Coffee drinkers around the world know the name. They know the delicious tasting coffee made with premium ingredients. The name thay know and love is Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is a leading provider of premier coffees and teas. Organo Gold began operations in 2008. They maintain offices in Canada and the United States. Well known network marketing expert Mr. Bernardo Chua and Mr.Shane Morand are the co-founders of the company, and both men are actively involved in the organization. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The Popularity of Organo Gold

The popularity of the products available from Organo Gold is widespread. It is sold in over 50 countries. One reason customers keep coming back for more is of course for the great taste and fine ingredients. Another very important reason is centered around one of those ingredients. All of their coffees and teas contain a healthful ingredient called ganoderma.

Ganoderma is a specie of mushroom. It is known to provide many health benefits. Ganoderma is widely used in the practice of traditional Asian medicine for well being. It is the unique ingredient that enhances the healthfulness and flavorful taste of the coffees and teas offered by Organo Gold.

Business Opportunity at Organo Gold

Organo Gold is not sold in stores. It is sold exclusively through a network of distributors for the company. Organo Gold stands out as one of the best network marketing opportunitities available.

The benefits of becoming a distributor for Organo Gold are numerous. The opportunity to represent a well known brand with a product line that the customers want will open many doors for selling opportunities. Training and selling tips are made available to distributors to help get them on the road to successful selling quickly. Marketing material and even samples are made available as well. Everything you will need is provided in the starter kit you will receive.


Joining up as a distributor for Organo Gold gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. You set your own hours and work when you want to work. Thousands of distributors around the world have joined the successful team as a distributor for Organo Gold.

Their compensation plan is one of the best in the industry. Distributors are rewarded generously. They even pay you commission on reorders received from your customers. There are actually seven ways that distributors can make even more money. There certainly are many great reasons to become a distributor for this company. Read more at about Organo Gold.