Alex Pall Provides Memorable Interview To Interview Magazine

Two years ago, Alex Pall provided a memorable Interview Magazine with an interview. The interview occurred shortly after The Chainsmokers released their track called “Closer,” which you may remember because Halsey was featured on it and Andrew Taggart, the other member of The Chainsmokers, sings in it.

Alex Pall On Working Together With Andrew Taggart

Alex Pall spent a lot of time in New York City, which is where he was doing DJ gigs. In fact, he had enough work going on that he considered it as a small career, like side work. However, he was extremely passionate about it and eventually his manager introduced him to Taggart. Shortly after that, they started to create music together and the rest is history.

Knowing When It Would Work Out

Pall was asked when he and Taggart knew that things would work out between the two and he responded that they both knew just how bad they wanted to succeed and make music. In short, the two knew it would work out pretty much right away.

About Signing Their Own Songs And About Their Lives

Pall was told that it was unique that he and Taggart sang their own songs, especially since they sing about their lives. Pall said there are many people who don’t write their own lyrics, and that they always make it a point to write their songs with any songwriters they work with.

Working With Halsey

Pall said that it was a great experience, when asked what it was like to work with the singer Halsey. He went on to describe her as being incredible and how she was at the top of the Chainsmokers’ list of artists they wanted to work with.

As for what fans can expect next, they can expect Pall and Taggart to continue to produce unique music. They can also expect them to continue to evolve.

Norka Luque; a musical journey born out of hard work and willpower

Norqa Luque is currently one of the most-talked about music artists in the U.S with Latin origins. Venezuela. She is the voice behind hit singles such as ‘Milagro’ and ‘Tommorowland.’ Through hard work and a never-give-up attitude, the young sensation boasts of a massive following in the U.S and her native home Venezuela.


 Norka Luque was born and brought up in Caracas, Venezuela. Upon finishing her high school studies in Venezuela, she went abroad to France to further her studies. Though she majored in business administration, her passion and interest were cast in music. While in France, she joined a music band and actively exercised her music talents.


This would cause her to travel overseas again, with her destination being the United States. Determined to carve out a career as a music artist, Norka Luque chose to live and pursue her studies in fashion design and culinary arts in Miami. As you are probably aware, Miami is populated with the Spanish and Latin population. Norka’s music career breakthrough came when she joined hands with celebrated Latin music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. After persuading Mr. Estefan Jr. to listen to her music samples, the producer instantly gathered she had talent in plenty. After receiving the support and promotion of the renowned producer, Norka Luque eventually released her maiden single named As You Do It in 2011. The debut single earned her a nominee position for Female Pop Artist of the Year in 2011.


After her highly successful debut single, Norka went on to release her second hit song in 2012. It was named ‘Milagro’ or miracle in English, and it dominated the music charts in the U.S, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. The song delivers a message of hope meant to encourage those experiencing tough times in life. It remained the number one song in her native Venezuela for almost 4 months in succession. The song infuses a blend of sounds and beats of pop, reggae, rock and roll and even a bit of Mediterranean beats. Archie Pena was the composer of both Norka’s first and second singles. Her latest single is titled Tomorrowland and combines both electro and dance genres.


Norka Luque’s musical journey is a source of motivation to anybody who wishes to accomplish something but doesn’t know where to begin. Indeed, the Latin female sensation can even scale greater heights in the music industry. We can only remain patient to listen to her next music project.

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