FreedomPop: The Best Service For Frugal Consumers

Since the beginning of the internet days, when people had to wait for their dial up to work, consumers have paid billions of dollars to stay connected to the rest of the world. Even with the invention of Wi-Fi, which allows consumers to feed off of mobile hotspots for free, the internet industry is still thriving, charging people an arm and a leg for internet service.



For the past five years however, there has been an internet company that is breaking all the rules. FreedomPop offers a legitimate free internet service place, and has been upsetting the mobile/internet service model since its founding.



While FreedomPop’s services may not be ideal for everyone, the company offers quite a few outstanding plans that fit most budgets and consumers’ needs. Their absolutely free cell phone service is their biggest claim to fame. It gives members 500MB of data in a 4G Sprint network. In addition, it allows for unlimited texting and 200 voice minutes. Not only is this plan free, but FreedomPop also doesn’t require customers to sign any contracts, does not charge cancellation fees, and does not surprise customers with those end-of-the-month-random fees.



A lot of people will burn through 500MB pretty fast, but for those who could be classified as “light data users,” it’s the perfect plan. When a customer is nearing the end of their 500MB/per month data, Freedompop automatically charges a “top up” fee of $10 to extend the data. Customers can always opt of this automatic charge every month. This free plan is also only free for one year, but only $10.99 each month after the year is up.



FreedomPop has many other service plans. For $5 a month, customers can get their Wi-Fi calling option which allows the customer to use more than 10 million hotspots all over the nation to get their voice, data, and text. This option is great for those in cities; not so great for those in more rural areas.



For $10.99 each month, customers can receive unlimited talk and text, with 500MB of data. This plan also allows the consumer to choose whether they use the mobile network or Wi-Fi. This plan also includes the automatic “top up.” For $20 each month, FreedomPop offers their “unlimited everything” plan, which seems to be their most popular. The only hitch in this plan is that if a consumer uses more than 1GB of data, the available data speed will decrease from 4G to 3G.



FreedomPop also offers internet-only options and allows consumers to bring their own devices (as long as they are Sprint-compatible). As one of the most frugal options out there, it is easy to see why so many consumers are flocking to FreedomPop.