Steve Ritchie is Dedicated to Rebuilding Papa John’s Reputation

Their history of success and satisfied customers tells us that Papa John’s knows pizza. The recent actions of their CEO, Steve Ritchie, shows that they know business pretty well too.

The Papa John’s company knew that they needed to remind their customer base that Papa John’s is not just one company in an office building. Papa John’s is an amalgam of each of their 120,000 employees. Papa John’s is the people who make you great pizza and offer you friendly, efficient, service. He asked their customers to remember that Papa John’s franchisees are integral parts of their community.

In a letter to Papa John’s faithful customers Steve Ritchie acknowledged that the company had some healing to do. He insinuates that they had to re dedicate themselves of the craft of pizza making and continue their customer first mentality. In his letter he asked that Papa John’s be judged on their future and not necessarily an isolated instance from the past. He also pledged to personally oversee a Papa John’s renaissance if the public allows them.

Many insiders believe that the letter penned by Steve Ritchie was a very positive step. They believe that as the leader of the company he stood up and took responsibility. Many see him as an effective, humble, and determined, leader.

Steve Ritchie inherited a difficult job as the CEO of Papa John’s pizza. Recently he penned a letter to let their customers know that they realize that the company has a responsibility to their community and that they will uphold that responsibility. He also asks the public to remember that Papa John’s is constructed of people from the community. That Papa John’s is 120,000 employees strong and that each employee is important to the company and the community. Business insiders have embraced this accountability and have praised Steve Ritchie’s proactive actions.