Edwin Miranda And His Views On Marketing Trends

KOI/IXS is synonymous to some of the best marketing campaigns for the last five years. This entity has also transformed some of the average performing companies to be the most competitive companies for the last five years. Edwin Miranda believes that this success is an indication of the work the company has put and more importantly, how the company has approached marketing and branding of the companies. KOI/IXS is unique in the following different ways.

First, the foundation of this company is right, and Edwin Miranda points out that having a good footing in the marketing industry is remarkable especially because the industry is unpredictable in most cases. According to Miranda, his dream was to create an entity, with an aim to help the companies have better sales and better relationships with customers. For years, the company has achieved this goal, and KOI/IXS continues to be a trendsetter in this niche.

Second, KOI/IXS has adapted a futurist approach to marketing, which according to marketing pundits is unmatched. In most cases, companies are concerned with just putting the ‘word out’ about the product or the service. However, Miranda points out that the company believes that for marketing to be effective, it must create an avenue for engagement. This approach to marketing has therefore helped the company to gain more clients and retain its existing clients. Miranda hopes that 2019 will be a year for more creative approaches to marketing.

Apart from managing some of the most innovative companies in the marketing world, Edwin Miranda believes that basic principles in corporate management are irreplaceable. Although his company is one of the best performing entities, he believes that without proper organizational structures, the vision of the company is unattainable. For this reason, Edwin Miranda has been on a journey to restructure the company’s structures in order to accommodate more productivity and be in line with efficiency trends.

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