Interview Of Andy Wirth On KCRW On The Drought California Is Facing

Thanks to the internet I can now listen to radio in the office and recently came across this interview of Andy Wirth on the KCRW radio. He was on the Press Play with Madeleine Brand Show where he was asked a series of questions relating to the recent drought experienced by California and how it has impacted his line of business which is Ski Resorts.

Currently Andy Wirth is in charge of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort as well as Alpine Meadows. He is the CEO of both resorts and oversees their running.

Due to the recent drought troubles a lot of people are asking themselves wether the ski resorts have been struggling or not but Andy ensures us that although revenue is not optimal it is still doing very well. Only a 20 percent reduction has been seen over recent years.

There is a media hype that promotes this idea that skiing is not doing well due to the drought but in actual fact skiing in Squaw Valley and surrounding areas was indeed very favourable. Read more: Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth appointed chair of Reno airport board  and How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

The resort did not have to seek out other recreational activities in order to promote itself. The snow fall was adequate enough that 70 percent of the ground was covered which provided very good skiing capabilities. Science has also allowed for very large quantities of good snow to be made and moved which has also allowed for skiing to remain exceptional. Squaw Valley remains profitable and could sustain itself indefinitely.

El Nino winters have been expected in the California area for many months now and according to meteorologists at the Colorado State University these might in fact be favourable as they are talking about the absence of the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge which has allowed warmer temperatures to set in.

This is in favour of snow more than it is in favour of purely rain. Andy Wirth goes on to talk about the Stanford report which predicts that weather in coming years will be a lot more volatile and it is this volatility that Andy Wirth and his business will need to prepare for.

Adjustments within the business will need to be made for example to up the amount of snow production facilities and take advantage of the ability to move snow to the desired locations with snow trucks and various other big equipment.

Some predict that this change in the weather patterns could cause a disruption of snow production all together and Andy Wirth believes they will need to just focus on other parts of the year like the summer seasons to host more events and activities to avoid short falls.

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