Ashley Lightspeed’s Breakthrough

Ashley Lightspeed has contributed a lot to the development of several companies. She uses prototyping as a key element in developing business strategies and coming up with new ideas. For a long time, Ashley has used prototyping to grow and expand businesses. For all the firms she has worked for prototyping has been an essential tool in coming up with viable business ideas.

Since joining Lightspeed Ventures, Ashley no longer prototypes business ideas but, she believes that she still uses it when consulting upcoming firms as well as in creating investment opportunities with other firms.Ashley Lightspeed has always had an interest in prototyping plans. As a teenager, she spent time with her dad in their garage watching him develop building plans and sketch constructions. She believed that one day she would become an architect; however, as Ashley grew up, she developed an interest in business. She saw prototyping business ideas as a thing she would love doing rather than prototyping constructions. See Related Article at

Ashley graduated from Duke University and soon after got employed at Bain and Company; this was the start-off of her successful career. Ashley accomplished a lot while at Bain and helped them increase their profit margins. Ashley Lightspeed also worked at Thumbtack as a category manager; her primary role was to plan and organize events. Ashley first encountered Lightspeed partners at an event hosted by Thumbtack. The agents were able to see her abilities and motivation to work accordingly.

She later left Thumbtack to further her studies at Stanford Business School. During her time there, she worked on business projects that paved her way to joining Lightspeed Ventures Capital. Ashley is a member of Lightspeed; she has contributed a lot to its expansion. She has brought about diversity at the firm and has advocated for more women employees to join the firm.

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