The Rise Of Fabletics: Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s Retail Baby

Noted Actress Kate Hudson has a passion for fitness and fashion. Combining these together she came up with the idea of an online store that would sell fashionable fitness wear and at an affordable price unlike the products then on the market on Over the last three years her company, Fabletics, has become international in scale with over 1 million members and thousands of employees. As a complement to its online store on, there are now Fabletics brick and mortar stores popping up across the nation. So far there have been 18 stores opened and additional locations are set to open in the coming years. Fabletics has boosted the parent company of the brand, TechStyle, into a billion dollar valuation.

The co-CEO’s of TechStyle, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, commented on their relationship with Hudson in saying that her influence as a style icon and athlete has given them a strong marketing value. The combination of their e-commerce knowledge and Hudson’s fashion expertise has boosted the brand’s power in competing against long-standing brands like Nike and Under Armour. There are four principals that are guiding the company on its path to success at; vertical integration, creating personal relationships with its members, giving customers a reason to return on a regular basis, and improving as the company grows.

Don Ressler has said that he’s always had a passion for fitness and has been a lifelong athlete. He understands where Hudson is coming from because he too practically lives in athletic wear. He also saw where athletic wear wasn’t very fashionable and was very overpriced so he saw a great opportunity to disrupt the market and change that.

Ressler said that one of the next steps for TechStyle is opening a men’s line of fashionable athletic wear, FL2. Don Ressler said the target market is everyday men that want to have clothing that looks good, is comfortable, reasonably priced, and have top performance and quality. FL2 will complement Fabletics well and both brands should see great success.