The Ever increasing Value of Gold Investments

Since its discovery in 1848 by John Sutter, gold has become a cultural symbol of wealth and prosperity. The magnificent mineral was found by chance at one of Sutter’s saw-mill building sites by his associate Mr. Marshall. When Marshall first caught sight of that sparkling something on the river bed, he knew that moment would change his life. What he may not have known was how that very discovery would change the American economy and history as a whole.

The Gold Rush changed the face of American finances, drawing in hopeful individuals and families from around the world. The prospect of comfortable living and even affluence suddenly became a feasible possibility in the minds of many an otherwise modest working man after gold was discovered.

To this day, gold maintains its significance both culturally and monetarily. In fact, investing in gold may be a wiser decision than ever in today’s contemporary marketplace. One of the largest and most reputable holders of gold in the United States today is the U.S. Money Reserve. According to GoodSearch, Founded in 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve is among the most trusted group of coin holders in the country. With over 300,000 satisfied clients to date, they pride themselves upon working relationships built upon trust and integrity. They offer certified coins, bullion and even gold, silver and platinum bars to those who wish to invest in precious valuable metals.

If any successful reserve knows the contemporary value of investing in gold, it is the U.S. Money Reserve. The changing economy of today requires diversification in investment. With such frequent fluidity in which resources possess monetary value, it benefits the lay investor not to place all of his eggs in one basket.

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The purchase of gold, as well as certified coins, diversifies capital over a broader range of assets. Gold itself has been valuable since before its hay day in the California gold rush of the mid 1800’s. Its natural beauty and illuminated appearance even led to it being one of the first metals utilized for monetary exchange. The Ancient Inca’s referred to gold as tears of the sun and even Homer in the Illiad describes gold as “the glory of the immortals.” Undoubtedly gold will continue to maintain the value that is has for thousands of years. Now is the time to diversify investment into the gold and certified coin trade in order to ensure financial security.#