OSI Group; Distribution of McDonald’s Burgers

OSI Group has a meat processing factory in the village of Gunzburg, Germany, which is the largest supplier of McDonald’s burgers. The factory maintains strict adherence to hygiene and ensures that all their employees and visitors have protective clothing and thoroughly washed their hands before entering. Employees are also not allowed to have any pieces of jewelry while working and those who had a stomach bug are required first to get checked by the doctor before they are allowed to resume work. This helps to keep the meat away from any bacteria and virus. OSI Group McDonalds

When brought into the factory from the slaughterhouses, the meat is first checked for bones, then it is minced, and any pieces of bones that might be left behind are eliminated. The meat is then shaped into various burger patties and later frozen. OSI Group McDonalds. After the burgers have been frozen, they are packed into blue bags first and then put into boxes. Afterward, they go through a metal detector to ensure that nothing is inside the hamburgers that shouldn’t be. The factory does not allow any plastic objects into the company, and if a staff member needs a pen or clipboard, it must be metallic so that it can be easily detected if it ends up into the meat by accident. However, it is usually almost impossible to find anything in the fresh quality meat because of the thorough quality checks at OSI Group. OSI Group McDonalds

The boxes contain information on where the burger was made, where the meat came from and where the burgers are going, so it is easy for McDonald’s to know precisely which slaughterhouse and farm the beef came from in the event there is something wrong with the meat. OSI Group McDonalds. Once the burgers are packed, they are piled by another machine and bound in plastic. The machine later picks up the boxes and moves them to the food distribution center. The distribution center is just next door to the Gunzburg factory. The burgers are then taken from the distribution center at OSI Group to McDonald’s restaurants. The burgers are kept at -18 degrees Celsius during the transit until they are unpacked at the McDonalds restaurant.

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OSI Food Solutions Success

OSI Food Solutions also known as OSI Group is a private joined company that provides standardization on recently produced food products and customizes their values before they land in the market. It is based in the United States and its regional headquarters at Aurora, Illinois. They specialize in Food Production, Manufacturing and Custom Food Processing Solutions where they offer services like global food chain management, development of custom food product and ensure the customers receive custom food products that satisfy their needs. OSI Food Solutions is run by two team members; David McDonald as the Head President and Sheldon Lavin as the Executive Chairman.

They also ensure that the whole company is coordinated and managed in an organized manner where they have employed people with skills like Kathy Hughes, Chunyan Wang who acts the Senior Transactions and Compliance Counsel, Eric Wu, Rob Wipff and Miguel Diaz. In addition, it has over 20,000 other employees who work together with them to provide adequate services.OSI Food Solutions provide best job opportunities in areas of Senior Project Manager, Project Engineer, Product Development Chef, SAP Specialist and Environmental Health and Safety Supervisor at Aurora. OSI Food Solutions decided to expand its company through buying of a food processor property and warehouse for storage purposes in Chicago which was initially owned by Tyson Foods.

It measured about 200,000 square meters in size enough to provide adequate infrastructure to enable fast growth of their business. These facilities ensured the manufacturing network was wider and broadened their activities. They also managed to acquire Baho Food; a Dutch company that manufactures snacks, deli meats and food products for the retail food industries.OSI Food was able to explore the branch subsidiary companies of both Germany and Netherlands located in Gelderland, Henri van de Bilt and Bakx Foods which provided them an open opportunity to serve the whole of Europe. This benefitted greatly OSI Food as the managing director of Baho Foods decided to retain his business position and work along David McDonald while planning the fate of Baho. With great success, in 2016 OSI Food Solutions got awarded Globe of Honor by the British Safety County for excellence in management of environment .

David Mcdonald The OSI Group President.

David McDonald positions in the OSI group structure.

David McDonald OSI Group is the current president and the chief operating officer of the OSI group of industries LLC. When he joined the company, David Mcdonald OSI Group started off as a project manager of the meat processing giant. He also served as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. He started off his career almost immediately after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in animal science, from the state university of Iowa. Two of his children have also followed I his steps with the rest, four likely to follow suit. At OSI industries, McDonald has served in the positions discussed below, without following any form of order. He had been an Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A, after Marfrig Frigorificos Comercio de Alimentos acquired OSI industries operations in Brazil and in Europe from December 2008. He is also a member of the board of directors of the OSI group. In OSI group operations in Australia, David Mcdonald OSI Group serves as the director of OSI international foods.

OSI Group is a privately owned meat processing company that was started in the early 1990s by an immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. Initially, the meat processing giant was established as a small family business but due to its consistent in quality, customer service, and good leadership, the small meat market has grown to what we have today. OSI industries produce are distributed by international retailers as well as used by other food processing companies, like McDanolds, as a raw product in their fast food distribution. David Mcdonald OSI Group has worked with the group of industries for the past thirty years and within that period, he has used his expertise to create reliable business partnerships and risky business moves, like the China business venture, that aims at expanding the OSI market reach.

For motivation and inspiration, David Mcdonald OSI Group has created a support team that is very committed to keeping up with the dynamism of the international market. He is also involved in number of charities, as an OSI president and as a private citizen, with Iowa, his him town and nationwide. He lives with his family, his wife and six children in the same state that he grew up in.

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OSI Group- Making A Difference In The Food Industry

There is no doubt that OSI Group is the biggest company in the United States as far as the food industry is concerned. It is also ranked at number 58 among the top 100 private businesses. It is based in Illinois, although its operations are now global. It has 65 production plants spread out in 17 countries.

The company is trying to make the food industry one of the greatest in the count. With a valuation of over $6 billion, this company is making billions in revenues every year. Its mission is to expand its operation to more countries in the coming years.

The leadership of the OSI Group is one of the reasons it has excelled so well in the past few years. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO lead the company. He is assisted by David McDonald the COO of the company. Over the years, these two leaders have tried to make OSI the greatest company in the food production business, and they can now confidently say that they have accomplished. Both of them have worked in the company for not less than three decades. The success of the company is therefore tied to their success. It is through the efforts they have applied that the company continues to dominate the food sector.

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OSI Group is now focusing on taking advantage of the technologies that are coming up. Technology makes production work easier since it introduces efficiencies. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, this company has embraced sustainability as one of the methods through which they are going to maintain their position in the industry. OSI is doing great work of ensuring that there is sufficient food available in the world. Sustainable production methods will take us closer to accomplishing that mission.

OSI Group is a company that was founded on the principles of delivery of food products to the people at all times. Looking at the manner in which this company has been doing its work, there is no doubt that there will be better things in the food industry in the coming years. They are placing every effort on growing the company and the food industry.

OSI Group’s management decisions by David McDonald

OSI Group, the largest food production company in the world has in recent years embarked on an expansion plan that has seen the company increase its food production capacity to meet the high demand coming from consumers. The last three years have been a beehive of activity at the company as they make every move that will see their products became available in as many places on the globe as possible. OSI Group has been creating highly competitive food products which have gained a good reputation among the consumers. Every year, the business is expanding and adding in another unit. Currently, they have 65 production plants and have employed over 20,000 employees to manage their operations.

The growth of this company has been made possible by the team of leaders that the company has. The head of the company is CEO Sheldon Lavin assisted by COO David McDonald. These two executives have played a significant role in the development of the company. Without them, there are chances that we would not be talking of the company the way we are doing right now. It has taken the brilliance of the two men to get the company running optimally.

David McDonald has been in the form for the past three decades, in this duration, he has managed to lead the company on a path of growth that has seen it become a leading company globally. It is a fact that this company has managed to perform the way it does because of the apt business decisions which are made by the leadership led by David McDonald.

David McDonald says OSI Group has made decisions which favor the management of the food business. Since they are dealing with a global audience, they need to have people who can help them understand the taste and preferences of the people. It is for this reasons that you will find that the company leaves the management of the food business to the local community since these are the people who understand the people better. The company has made sure that the day-day management of the business is done by people who are close to the market. With headquarters in the United States, it can only be prudent to have someone in Spain to manage the plant in Toledo for instance.


OSI Food Solutions: The Backbone of the American Food Industry

OSI Food Solutions, rated one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies and #58 on Forbes’ list of Largest Private Companies in America, is largely responsible for producing and processing the meats and vegetables you consume on a daily basis. With over 20,000 employees and an estimated revenue of $6.1 billion, the company has had a profound impact on the food industry.

Based in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1909, the family meat market owned by Otto Kolschowsky grew to become Otto and Sons by 1928 as it firmly established itself in the local community. By 1955, Mcdonalds, little more than a start-up at the time, chose Otto and Sons as their supplier of beef patties. They maintained their partnership for decades, though Mcdonalds sourced their meat from several other vendors. However, in 1975, Otto and Sons (renamed OSI Industries) became the exclusive meat provider for Mcdonalds. The partnered companies would go on to have worldwide success.

Since OSI Food Solutions’ international expansion, they’ve found success both abroad and overseas. The company acquired a Colorado plant from the food-processing titan, Tyson, for $7.4 million. Alongside this domestic acquisition, the company has absorbed Dutch company Baho Foods, in August 2016, and European conglomerate Flagship Europe.

Today, OSI Food Solutions is larger than ever, as seen at the company’s Spanish plant, OSI Food Solutions Spain. With the addition of a nearly $20 million high-capacity production line, the Spanish processing plant reached a production capacity of over 45,000 tons of chicken, pork, and beef products to match the growing demand for the company’s products in Spain.

OSI Food Solutions has also been honored for its small carbon footprint, despite being a global company. They were awarded the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council in 2016, for the exemplary management of environmental risks the company has handled worldwide. In 2018, the company was also recognized by the BSC at the International Safety Awards for a similar reward of merit.

From humble beginnings, OSI Food Solutions has solidified itself as one of, if not the top global food processor in the modern world. With an expansive work force, growing production line, and worldwide acclaim, this company shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

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The early growth of OSI Industries

The modern globalized economy has seen a significant rise in innovation in numerous industries. In the food industry, very few players have matched the success that OSI industries has achieved throughout its illustrious history. Distributed in 17 countries with 65 facilities that run its operations, OSI Industries has earned and maintained its rightful place as a global leader in the food production and distribution industry.

Humble beginnings

Otto Kolchowsky’s German family had just immigrated to the US and was settling in Illinois when he decide to open a butcher shop. After starting out small in 1909, he built his business gradually and within ten years he had ventured into the wholesale market and opened up a branch of his business in Maywood, Chicago.

The years that followed saw its expansion and resultant rebranding to Otto and Sons to accomodate his two sons. The growth of the economy during the post war period that involved urbanisation created room for a partnership of two family businesses. Otto’s two sons, borrowing a leaf from their father, joined hands with one of McDonald’s first franchise in Chicago. The partnership made them the sole distributor of fresh meat to McDonald’s.

Exponential growth

The McDonald’s got a new owner who was keen on investing on the franchise model of business that was taking root in US. As the brand grew, the partnership with Otto &Sons was maintained and the latter kept supplying meat products to the growing McDonald’s base.

The rapidly growing demand forced Harry and Arthur, Otto’s sons, to scale up their business. They built a plant in 1973 that dealt solely with products supplied to McDonald’s. The plant incorporated the flash freezing technology that had revolutionized the food industry at the time.


In 1975 Otto & Sons was rebranded to OSI industries to represent the transformation that the firm had experienced since its inception. In the same year the firm brought on board Sheldon Lavin as partner. He had already spent five years at the company as an investment consultant and adequately knew his way around the business. This was mainly done to increase international presence and Sheldon did not disappoint.

Going global

Uttah was home for the firm’s first facility outside Chicago. This was followed by numerous other facilities in North America. OSI industries’ first international break came in 1978 when they partnered with McDonald’s and set up a firm in Germany. They did so next in Spain and by the turn of the new century OSI industries had set up facilities in China, the UK, Philippines, Australia among other nations. Sheldon Lavin had since become chief executive officer and chairman of the industry.

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