OSI Group McDonalds, How It Became

OSI Group and McDonalds had had a strong business relationship that began when McDonalds was formed in 1995. OSI Group is known for partnering with major food retailers and vendors around the globe to offer food solutions to its vast customers. The partnership is fuelled by OSI Group’s strong presence in the global market and its top ranking as one of the largest food processing companies in the industry.

OSI Group has been in the food processing industry for almost 100 years ever since it was founded which was back in 1909. OSI Group supplies a number of products to its customers, but the type of food products that it supplies to McDonalds is both meat products and non-meat products. Initially, OSI Group was an all meat processing company, and it supplied meat products to McDonalds, but this has changed over the years due to its growth.

OSI Group McDonalds was formed in 1995 when the first chain of McDonalds was opened. Roy Kroc was the one that opened the franchise, and he had a verbal agreement with OSI to supply him with meat products. Roy Kroc was not the owner of McDonalds, but he finally decided to purchase the restaurant and became its CEO. Once he did this, he made the business relationship between OSI and McDonalds official. OSI Group McDonalds was now the main supplier of meat products to McDonalds. At the time, technology was not advanced and therefore getting the meat products to all the new chains of McDonalds that were being opened around was a bit tasking. OSI Group had to ensure that the food products reached the destinations while they were fresh. They were able to incorporate flash freezing which ensured these products stayed fresh at all times.

OSI Group McDonalds ensures that their customers are satisfied as they provide them with the food products that they need. OSI Group McDonalds ensure that whatever products they sell to their consumers, they are fit for consumption. The food market is ever-changing, and McDonalds ensures they keep in touch with it by having a logistics team. This logistics team ensures things run smoothly.

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OSI Group: World-class Leader in Meat Processing

OSI Industries is located in Aurora, Illinois. It is among the companies that have reaped big from food processing and have managed to reap huge returns in the process. Food processing is one of the industries that have experienced tremendous growth over the decades. Its growth has mainly been attributed to the increase in food preferences among different communities in the world. Companies such as OSI Industries has taken advantage of the changing consumer preferences and decided to provide consumers with the best meat in the world. More about the company is found below.

Products Manufactured by the company

The company specializes in the processing of meat and meat products and delivers the final products to both wholesale and retail industries. Apart from producing beef products, they also produce fish and vegetables as well. Sheldon Lavin is presently the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company. He has led the organization into achieving immense success, recording annual profits amounting to $6.1 billion.

Background of OSI Industries and Company Vision

The company opened its doors to the world in 1909. Ever since it has been at the helm in providing their clientele with high-quality meat and meat products. Most of their customers agree that the quality of their products is second to none. The company’s relentless dedication and commitment to serving its customers are one of their key attributes. The company’s vision it to widen its customer base by opening more branches and transform the world through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Awards Received by OSI Industries Due to Good Performance

With the stiff competition that is currently witnessed in the food processing industry, most companies confess that awards are hard to come by. Conversely, the company is privileged to be among companies that have received awards due to their work in the food processing industry. In 2016, they received an award from the British Safety Council. The award is a reflection of the company’s performance and provision of world-class products. It is only given to firms that attain at least five stars in the British Safety Council. To know more about the company click here.

The Bottom Line

OSI Industries is an organization that works hard to provide high-quality meat and meat products to its customers and has strived to be among the best over the decades. Their hard work has been recognized by Global organizations such as the British Safety Council. Through their leader, Sheldon Lavin, the company reveals that it will not relent in its quest to provide the world with the best meat and meat products for ages to come.

David McDonald : An interview with the President of OSI Group

President of OSI Group David McDonald is one of the most revered and respected businessmen in the food provider industry. With over three decades of experience with OSI Group, David McDonald is seen as one of the leading components for the progression of the company as a whole. When David McDonald came in to serve as President his main priority was not to change the mission of OSI Group, but simply to help innovate the current procedures in order to create growth. In a sit-down interview with David McDonald, we get to learn a little more about his vision for OSI Group and the decisions made by him that has brought so much success these three decades.

How is the new facility in China going so far?

David states that the new facility is a testimony of all the hard work done by its employees and management team. The facility is right where we want it and the materials needed are good to go, its an incredible achievement by OSI Group says David Mcdonald.

How does OSI Group continue to find ways to innovate?

The motivation and ideas for innovation actually come from the demands of our clients, says David. For example, if a client wants to do something different with their food menu then our team gets right to work to make that possible.

How does OSI Group keep up with changing times?

The ability to be flexible and quickly pivot into a new environment is the key to maintaining a successful company. Currently, OSI clients prefer that their ingredients chosen are from local areas, when and if they change their preference, OSI Group will be ready as well.

What is something that people do not know about OSI Group?

The company is not in it for attention or award, says David. The positive reviews and comments made by clients are all the company needs at the moment, confidence in the work is rewarding enough.

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