What You Need to Know About James River Capital

Finance Is One Field People Should Pay Attention To

Finance is a key part of the lives everyone around the globe but many do not find it appealing to pay attention to their finances, they would rather live, earn, and continue to enjoy the benefits of their earnings. It is important for individuals to find out how to minimize their liabilities and to maximize their gains by tapping into finance at an earlier age. Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


The earlier one is able to get into the sector from an investment perspective, the earlier one is able to make a difference in their lives and ideally be better off in the long run.


Let’s look at one firm that would be able to help you invest your funds and how they manage their company culture.


Why You Should Get To Know James River Capital

James River Capital is there to help you to manage your finances and provide you with the returns that you need to make an impact in your life over time. The founder of the company believed that it is necessary for a wide variety of alternative investments to outweigh the risks that are present in traditional investments. The founder of the company knew one principle and would abide that principle, it is better to diversify to minimize risk and preserve capital. the company had a key focus on minimizing risk and preserving capital first before aiming for the maximization and growth of capital.


The company made sure to look at the broad selection of traditional equity and fixed income instruments and then would add more diversification by looking at alternative asset classes.


The company is a big believer in the fact that the investment methods and the types of possibilities that are present within the market are much greater than the ones that are present in the traditional markets. The reasons why these individuals are able to access these different markets and have different options is because of differences in regulations, appetites for risk and diversification overall.


This process that James River and key employees such as Paul Sanders has helped them to navigate pressures in the markets and will continue to help them in their journey. Paul Sanders, a founder, and principal of James River Capital Corp has the experience and the expertise to get you where you need to be.

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Marc Beer Is Keeping The Funding Up At Renovia To Research Women’s Health

Renovia is a relatively new healthcare company that is dedicated to researching, diagnosing, and developing products to improve the lives of women that are suffering from diseases. Marc Beer co-founded Renovia in Boston back in 2016 and he has been focused on leading the company toward a brighter future ever since.


Marc has an extensive background in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the healthcare industry in general and his expertise has been put on display for the healthcare community to see. After a successful Series A funding in 2016 when Renovia opened, Marc Beer added another successful funding round for Renovia last year. Marc’s company gained several new investors and managed to pool more than 40 million dollars to aid in diagnoses and medical equipment development.


According to researcher estimates, there are currently around 250 million women suffering from pelvic floor disorders globally. Pelvic floor disorder is the primary focus at Renovia, for the time being, and they recently had their first product approved by the FDA in 2018. Leva is the first of several products that Renovia is working on to be approved so it will be the first to see public use as it goes through more extensive testing.


Leva is not the first time Marc Beer has pushed to have a drug approved by the FDA. At his former company, Marc worked to develop a drug known as Juxtapid, which would treat people faced with unusually high cholesterol, which can lead to heart conditions like atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, Marc was shut down rather abruptly when his product didn’t get approved by the FDA, suggesting that the drug was mislabeled to treat heart conditions rather than high cholesterol.


This setback inspired Marc Beer to check all the bases this time around at Renovia and now he is on a path to improve women’s health around the world. With the recent approval of Leva, Renovia has gained more traction and support throughout the medical community in Boston as well. The future looks good for Leva but Marc believes they will need more time and funding to help the product truly shine as a digital health platform for all women. The medical industry has only just begun to truly delve into digital health with the latest advancements in technology and Renovia will perhaps be one of the first to make real headway with an effective and widespread medical device. Learn more: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180821005199/en/Renovia-Completes-42.3-Million-Series-Financing