Samuel Strauch- Principal Of Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a principal of a real estate company in South Florida known as Metrik Real Estate. Strauch is one of the most informed people on the status of the real estate property in Miami, Miami is one of the top targets for wealthy real estate investors. Miami attracts investors from all over the world, due to its conducive environment. In Miami, you will find people of all origins. The population is diverse since people have actually migrated from other continents to come settle in Miami. Miami is also a vacation destination and therefore vary attractive to the wealthy in the society.

Miami real estate sector is one of the markets that have accepted digital currencies as a means of transacting business. Foreign investors in the city are now coming up with innovative ways of buying and selling property. There are numerous advantages that have been created by the use bitcoin in transaction. Even though it’s just a small part of the population that have been accepted bitcoins as a means of transaction, the small group of people who have embraced them are already proving to the world that, digital currencies are the currencies of the future. Bitcoin which was first created in 2009 have gained popularity in the worth more so because of the rate at which it is gaining value Bitcoin has in 6 years moved from being equivalent to one dollar to now being equivalent to over 7000 dollars.

In Miami, there is a home seller who have shown the way for the rest by putting his house up for sale in bitcoins. The house is worth $6.5 million. Bitcoin has shown great potential as a means of transacting online. It is a safe way of transacting huge amounts of money while at the same time keeping transaction charges low.


About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is an investor in the real estate sector as well as a talented photographer. He went to the University of Hofstra in NY where he graduated with a business degree. He then joined Erasmus University and later joined Harvard University all for business related degrees in finance and real estate.

Through Metrik Real Estate, he hope that he will make a huge impact in the real estate sector in South Florida. Already he has made considerable achievements which he hopes to build on going forward. Samuel Strauch hopes to build on the huge experience he has acquired in the real state sector to provider even better services.

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Progress of the Real Estate with Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is one of the affluent entrepreneurs that she always take the real estate industry notch higher and enable that her clients are always satisfied. The services that she provides is high-quality and as well purchase properties in a different region in the states including Licking, Franklin, Delaware and Central Ohio whereby he makes a lot of profit from them. Her fondness in the industry of real estate sector enabled her to work at Edwards Realty Organization as a secretary and as well worked at Scotland Yard Condominiums in seven years, therefore, enabling her to gain a lot of experience and expertise in the real estate sector. Tammy as well got his license because of the good work she does to her clients and also she explores and creates a good relationship with other professional real estate agent and entrepreneurs whereby they exchange ideas on how to conquer the real estate industry.

Tammy Mazzocco as the prosperous real estate agent she is able to accomplish more in the real estate sector by offering efficient services to her clients. She as well ensures that she stays keen in the market trend so he can be able to provide adequate services which will make her customers to always come back for more. Furthermore, she stays in touch with her clients so they can be able to trust her more and her daily activity is to always check her emails and pick calls henceforth reassuring her clients for her efficient services. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Tammy Mazzocco also enabled other organization to grow due to her superb skills which include Zillow and Realtor they are now known as a top leading organization in the world. In addition in order for her clients to reach her fast and she responds back she introduced a website named Follow Up Boss.

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