Sheldon Lavin on How OSI has been Able to Achieve Success in a Short Period

Sheldon Lavin started his career in the financial world and later on moved to the meat and food processing industry when he got a chance. Thankfully, it was his work as a business consultant that helped him connect with the family that owned Otto and Sons, which was the former name of OSI Industries. Sheldon Lavin said in the interview with CEOCFO magazine that being technology-oriented helped him take the company to the position it enjoys today in the food and meat processing world. In the last few years, the company has achieved unprecedented growth, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Sheldon Lavin said that the employees of the company and the work culture the company practices are the primary reason OSI Group has become one of the frontrunners of the food and meat processing industry. The experience he got while working as a financial consultant and his involvement with the Kolschowsky family, the family that owned the company before him, also helped him gain the knowledge and experience to run the company successfully. The integration of the latest meat and food processing technologies has helped OSI Group build a solid reputation in the industry. Many of the big fast food companies such as Subway, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and others are in the clientele of OSI Group. The company aims to increase its foothold in the food market even further.

Sheldon Lavin believes that OSI is not just a company; it is a family. He feels that his company has been successful because of the hard work that the employees put in. The company does not operate in the true sense of a company where the management at the top dictates what needs to be done. They have an open culture that allows every employee to contribute to the betterment of the company. Everyone is treated equally, and everyone understands their responsibility from the very start. Other big companies can learn a great deal from them and how they have been able to operate as a family even though they are such as a big organization.

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Gareth Henry and The Gareth Henry Scholarship Fund

Gareth Henry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistical and Actuarial Science from Heriot-Watt University located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Henry is an established figure and professional in the finance sector. He is a highly sought-out individual thanks to his expertise, experience and the global recognition he’s earned from both clients and peers.

Henry currently a managing director at a leading alternative investment firm. He serves as the firm’s Managing Director; a position he uses to steer the firm to greater success with the help of other executives. In 2018, Henry launched a scholarship fund in partnership with the Heriot-Watt University. The scholarship program is known as the Gareth Henry Scholarship Fund, and has been developed to benefit selected undergraduate Actuarial Science students.

The students who will get the rare chance of benefiting from this scholarship fund will also receive invaluable mentorship from Gareth Henry as he promised. The mentorship program Henry will be offering to students benefiting from the scholarship program will be exclusive; the purpose of the program is to propel these students’ career development.

Thanks to the Heriot-Watt University, Henry was acquainted with an all-around and robust foundation in actuarial science, this being pivotal to success as a professional. For this reason, Henry deemed it right to partner with the University in offering a scholarship program that could benefit students while also providing his promised mentorship program in an attempt to equip the students with all the necessary knowledge needed to succeed in the fast-paced and ever-evolving actuary job market.

Other than crediting the Heriot-Watt University for his success, Henry also applauds the higher learning institution on being proactive something evident by the inclusion of extensive AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning programs in the study of Actuarial Science. According to Henry, these two programs (AI and machine learning) coupled with the study of technology as a whole (not just information technology) are increasingly becoming vital in the fast-paced contemporary financial sector.

Gareth Henry has held various positions in different firms, the most notable being; a Research Management Analyst at Watson Wyatt (after graduating) and as an Investment Manager at SEI Investments.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong and the Story of

Richard Liu is the CEO and founder of and JD is a combination of letters from his name and his wives name. The successful CEO started out working in his parent’s transport business. He left home to go to college in Beijing and while there he opened up a restaurant business which unfortunately failed. His family’s transport business was not doing well so they did not have much money, unlike other university graduates he could not go abroad for further studies.

The successful entrepreneur was brought up by his grandmother and by the time he graduated she was unwell and his poor family could not pay for her medication, Richard Liu Qiangdong, therefore, needed to make money to help her. Civil service jobs were very popular with young people in China but he was not interested in working for the government so he established physical retail stores. These stores sold computer accessories and were what gave rise to

In 2002 the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) appeared in China and it greatly affected businesses. SARS is airborne and therefore can be spread when someone who is sick sneezes, coughs or even talks. Retail businesses like the one run by Richard Liu Qiangdong exposed the employees to the infection so he closed down the shops while he and the managers brainstormed. One of them suggested selling online and that is how came into being.

According to Richard Liu, the one thing that has put on the forefront of online retail was the fact that he aimed at changing the business. He made a decision not to sell counterfeits which were a common at the time and to issue proper receipts and invoices to them. The company also worked towards providing the best customer experience in regard to logistics. Today, Richard Liu Qiangdong’s company delivers all over China and package delivery takes a very short time.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the CEO and founder of which is one of the largest online retail companies in China today. He has a sociology degree from the Renmin University of China. According to Forbes, he is worth $11 billion.

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Jason Hope: Hope for the Future of the Human Race

Jason Hope, as his name implies, is giving the gift of hope for the future of the human race. As a native of Arizona and an entrepreneur,who is giving back to society. Through his philanthropy, he has supported anti aging research, a cause that he is deeply involved with. He is committed to reducing the amount of people has given a substantial amount of money to the SENS Foundation to pioneer research and develop therapies to reduce the amount of people afflicted with chronic diseases occurring with advanced age.

In an effort to be proactive and to make a positive impact, Jason has teamed up with a well known researcher, Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D., who is the founder of the SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicating his life to conducting anti-aging research. Dr. de Grey is a well known scientist in the field of aging and also the chief science officer of the foundation. He has championed the concept of rejuvenation therapy. His research is innovative and groundbreaking in slowing down the aging process in the future.

Dr. de Grey theorizes that aging is the accumulation of damage within the body that is caused by the normal process of metabolism through the span of one’s life. This damage builds up until it meets or exceeds a threshold where it will begin to cause the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes type 2, hypertension, atherosclerosis, chronic joint pain, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cancer. de Grey believes that the only sensible way to decrease the number of people being diagnosed with chronic conditions and diseases is to repair the damage on a regular basis throughout one’s life and will slow down the aging process and add at least 30 years of healthy life.


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Enhancing Operations at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Inc. is a leading healthcare organization in Puerto Rico, which specializes in Medicare and Medicaid Advantage plans. The President and CEO of the organization, Dr. Richard Shinto made this announcement in mid-2016. The positions announced were Chief Actuary Officer, which was assigned to Jonathan Meyers, Chief Administrative Officer assigned to Penelope Kokkinides, and Chief Accounting Officer to be held by Mike Sortino. All three executives have amassed wealth of experiences in the respective positions they were appointed. By expanding the executive team, Dr. Shinto was focusing on enhancing InnovaCare’s service delivery.

Rick Shinto’s Career History

Dr. Rick Shinto had previously worked for other healthcare organizations before joining InnovaCare. He kicked-off his career in the healthcare industry in Southern California, practicing as an intern and pulmonologist. He later worked for other organizations like Orange County’s Cal optima Health, MedPartners, Medical Pathways Management Company and NAMM California. Besides working for these companies, Dr. Rick Shinto also specializes in writing clinical medicine and healthcare articles. His M.B.A. was earned at University of Redlands. He is a holder of State University of New York’s medical degree. Rick graduated from University of California with a B.S. degree.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides was appointed InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. She has a wealth of experience, especially in government sponsored programs, Medicaid and Medicare. Penelope has extensive skills and expertise in managed healthcare plans, developing effective clinical programs and also enhancing organizational infrastructure. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides worked for numerous organizations including Centerlight Healthcare, AmeriChoice and Touchstone Health. She held key positions in these organizations, which helped her gain the massive experience she has today. As an experienced healthcare executive, Penelope Kokkinides was expected to add her expertise to InnovaCare’s leadership team. Working as a team with other executives including CEO Rick Shinto, is her priority of ensuring the firm’s healthcare plans, Medicaid and Medicare have the reached the market and benefited clients.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Inc. is a Puerto Rican based healthcare firm specializing in government sponsored health plans. The firm collaborates its two affiliates; MMM Health and PMC Medicare Choice to provide the Medicaid and Medicare programs. More than 7,500 providers are responsible for offering the best healthcare programs to over 200,000 members. It is the only healthcare organization in Puerto Rico that offers NCQA-accredited healthcare plans. The firm is recognized for offering, innovative and low cost managed care fully integrated with modern technologies.

Brad Reifler Leads Investors Beyond Stocks

Brad Reifler is the founder of Forefront Capital, and he has made a lot of great moves in the financial industry. He has been able to become a master of hedge funds management, and he helped a lot of clients build portfolios that are going to bring them tremendous amounts of wealth.

Brad Reifler deals in millions of dollars in transactions because he deals with high risk portfolios. He helps clients pad their portfolios with a diverse number of investment options. In doing so he has become an expert in what people need to consider for their finances.

According to Crunchbase, there are internet sites that provide the tips on managing a portfolio in accordance to the rules that Brad Reifler emphasizes. He has been in the investment industry for a long time so there are certain things that he is definitely able to give advice on.

One thing that he has continued to preach to investors is being aware of where their money is going. He feels that a lot of investors sign up for a 401k or trade stocks, but they never make any changes to their plans. This can be insanity for investors that are actually planning for retirement. If they never take the time to adjust their plans they will not be able to see what they will need to do to increase their growth rates.

Bloomberg revealed that Brad Reifler also believes that investing is something takes time. People that have success in investing are the ones that are interested in researching the market. The only way that an investor can have any knowledge on what they are doing is by making a commitment to seeing how the market changes.

If you become familiar with what certain companies are doing it becomes much easier to guage where you need to put your money and where you need to move it from at certain times. This is valuable information to investors, and leading people to research the investments is what Brad really wants to do. He wants people to know that stocks are not the only means to building a portfolio successfully.

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