Marc Beer Is Keeping The Funding Up At Renovia To Research Women’s Health

Renovia is a relatively new healthcare company that is dedicated to researching, diagnosing, and developing products to improve the lives of women that are suffering from diseases. Marc Beer co-founded Renovia in Boston back in 2016 and he has been focused on leading the company toward a brighter future ever since.


Marc has an extensive background in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the healthcare industry in general and his expertise has been put on display for the healthcare community to see. After a successful Series A funding in 2016 when Renovia opened, Marc Beer added another successful funding round for Renovia last year. Marc’s company gained several new investors and managed to pool more than 40 million dollars to aid in diagnoses and medical equipment development.


According to researcher estimates, there are currently around 250 million women suffering from pelvic floor disorders globally. Pelvic floor disorder is the primary focus at Renovia, for the time being, and they recently had their first product approved by the FDA in 2018. Leva is the first of several products that Renovia is working on to be approved so it will be the first to see public use as it goes through more extensive testing.


Leva is not the first time Marc Beer has pushed to have a drug approved by the FDA. At his former company, Marc worked to develop a drug known as Juxtapid, which would treat people faced with unusually high cholesterol, which can lead to heart conditions like atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, Marc was shut down rather abruptly when his product didn’t get approved by the FDA, suggesting that the drug was mislabeled to treat heart conditions rather than high cholesterol.


This setback inspired Marc Beer to check all the bases this time around at Renovia and now he is on a path to improve women’s health around the world. With the recent approval of Leva, Renovia has gained more traction and support throughout the medical community in Boston as well. The future looks good for Leva but Marc believes they will need more time and funding to help the product truly shine as a digital health platform for all women. The medical industry has only just begun to truly delve into digital health with the latest advancements in technology and Renovia will perhaps be one of the first to make real headway with an effective and widespread medical device. Learn more:


Hussain Sajwani Has Guided DAMAC To Prominence And Huge Charitable Giving

For almost thirty years, certain entrepreneurs and companies from the Middle East have adopted a western style of investment and financing. This trend has coincided well with world market fluctuations, capital trends, and the involvement of the United States military and its needs. DAMAC, founded by Dubai billionaire Hussain Sajwani, is one of the most successful corporations in this very profitable circle.

Hussain Sajwani started a food service company in the late 1980s. That company was carefully managed by Mr. Sajwani, and became a contract favorite of the US military as it engaged in conflicts starting with Desert Storm under the first Bush administration.

As a close ally, Dubai entrepreneurs like Sajwani were poised to make great profits providing food service and catering to allied partners. Along with a real estate boom in Dubai, DAMAC grew into one of the most financially solid corporations in the Arab world.

Hussain Sajwani attributes the success of DAMAC and its ventures to the concentration of remaining constantly liquid in a financial climate that extols the availability of credit and speculation. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

Through real estate market ups and downs, along with increasing political tensions, DAMAC has retained a position of prominence. Its large cash holdings have created the potential for large initial public offerings of its satellite companies through stock in the world’s largest trading arenas.

As a venturing entrepreneur, Hussain has been able to use the immense success of the DAMAC name to form ties with important financial entities all over the world. He has even been able to partner with real estate developers in the United States in the creation of some of the most extravagant and popular golf resort and hotel sites.

While many of his investment partners remain private some, like newly-elected US President Donald Trump, are open about their equitable partnership with one of Dubai’s most prolific financial figures.

DAMAC is not only a large property investment firm, but a recognized name in humanitarian efforts. CEO Hussain Sajwani is adamant about his company continuing to be a positive force in the world.

DAMAC is currently involved with charities like the Ramadan Initiative, which provides clothing for needy children throughout the UAE, and its allied regions. As one of the world’s largest real estate developers, this conglomerate has been guided by Hussain Sajwani to take a vested interest in the welfare of the world’s youth.

A single donation by this company in October of 2011 helped provide clothing and essentials to more than 50,000 children.