Agera energy

Agera energy is a private company that deals with renewable energy specializing in natural gas supply and electricity. The company was founded in 2014 and currently employs over 100 employees across different professions. Their head offices are located at Briarcliff Manor in New York.

They are a customer based company and focus on giving their customers the best possible services. This is one of the factors that has highly contributed to their success. Agera energy has over 1.8 million contracted customers and a loving fan base on digital platforms. They sever their customers by acquiring national suppliers in power.

The company is estimated to generate a net profit of $95.7 per employee as of 2017. Since 2014 they have always worked towards growth, and under there CEO Geoffrey Duda they were recently identified and was ranked by the Better Business Bureau since 2016. They are focused on creating awareness about natural energy as well as educate customers on how to use renewable energy and its sources. They aim at creating earthy friendly energy alternatives.

They are also involved in helping and teaching customers and residents about the limited options and options of energy to power their daily utilities. Agera energy has a programme where customers fill in there services or bill, and they are provided with opportunities for those utilities. The foam is filled via email, and the response is immediate. For those interested in green power and renewable energy Agera power offers information on how to handle and manage renewable energy sources.

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