Beneful Healthy Weight Shows Dogs They Are Cared About

Beneful Healthy Weight dog food has good ingredients at the heart of the food’s recipe. The number one ingredient in this recipe is real chickens that are raised on farms. It is blended with vegetables as well as whole grains until it is just perfect. It has 100% nutrition that owners and veterinarians will love as well as 100% taste the dogs will absolutely love! It also has 10% fewer calories than what is found in the Beneful Originals that is made with real beef.

This healthy weight food will help dogs stay in an ideal weight range while also helping owners stay within their budgets! It is not only affordable, but made with healthy ingredients to give furry friends the best nutrition they can receive. The flavors of the real chicken, the whole grains and the vegetables will give dogs the tastes that they really crave, making sure that they will definitely enjoy it and love it! While it is packed with a lot of flavor, it will also help to maintain that healthy weight that the veterinarian recommends.

A large part of this recipe blend is the fact that there is no additional added sugar. This is important as added sugar is not healthy for anyone! The chicken helps dogs be able to get in some protein to help them build as well as maintain lean muscle, helping them not only achieve and maintain a healthy weight but also helping them to have the energy they once lost! With accents of real vegetables and fruits such as apples, green beans and carrots, this not only provides dogs with wholesome goodness but also with variety and excitement in their dry dog food! Show dogs that they are thought about and cared for with Beneful Healthy Weight food, that will give them 100% nutrition as well as flavor!