Welcome to Jon Urbana’s Colorful Kaleidoscope

Most people only use their talents to benefit themselves. Not many have stepped up and tried making the world a better place. Jon Urbana is a different man altogether. He is a pilot, musician, humanitarian and sportsman, just to name a few. In addition to all that, he has a huge and dedicated following on Vimeo due to some colorful videos released this year. Many would expect such a man to be conceited after so much success. As a long-standing name in the world of Villanova lacrosse, Jon Urbana is nonetheless a down to earth personality and a lover of humanity.

Jon grew up in Colorado, a place famed for its natural beauty. He has a passion for environmental protection and shares these beliefs daily on Twitter. This also made him start Earth Force which is a GoFundMe campaign. The drive of this initiative is to inspire the youth to be on the lead in environmental conservation. Jon also rallies people to raise funds for this noble cause.

Urbana is the founder of Next-Level Lacrosse Camp, which is a coaching center for refining lacrosse skills amongst the youth in Colorado. They are provided individualized guidance for the best methods. Urbana is also the Head of Business Development at Ellipse where he is in charge of the marketing department.

The self-taught musician joined the industry at an advanced age. Nevertheless, Urbana has defied all odds and is taking the music world by storm. He sings songs that have a curative effect on the heart, body and mind. His musical genre is electric and he has taken advantage of Ableton software to record renditions of old hits and also crafts his own lyrics. In addition, he has a solid following on Soundcloud where he shares his music. Jon Urbana’s music can be found through this link: https://soundcloud.com/jonurbana

Mr. Urbana is an approved pilot. He has been acknowledged by the Federal Aviation Administration, which has added his name to its Airmen Certification Database. This is a prestigious recognition which shows that he is a trustworthy pilot who has met high educational, licensing and medical standards set by the body. Although he initially started flying as a hobby, this recognition means he can practice as a commercial pilot.