There’s no better luxury Deal, unless it’s from The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury store that sells used luxury items for a reasonable price. This store not only has opened up shop in LA, but also in New York City. With a whopping 173 million raised since being founded, these retailers has taken second hand to the next level.You just wouldn’t believe the items that this store has in stock. For instance… that Dream Handbag You’ve always wanted, or those Designer jeans you just had to have. Well, There’s a good chance you could find it there.

Not only does The RealReal have two available walk-in shops, but they also have an online Store. So at your handheld convenience there’s an App you can download called “The RealReal”. On the app you can find things suitable for men, Women, and even kids. There’s items such as Jewelry, shoes and clothing. What’s even more impressive is that you can also order home decor and furniture! Mind blowing. With big names such as, fendi, Gucci and Armani… how can you pass up this opportunity.

Social media is of course one of the biggest ways to promote products, but The RealReal instagram is one shop you should definitely follow. In a few of their recent post, I couldn’t help but notice their Holiday giveaway series. It was a contest just for being a part of their community. You could win things like Burberry and Balenciaga scarves. In another post I found upon The RealReal’s instagram page, I found they had a really nice looking Fendi travel bag. As for my guilty pleasure, I found a chanel bag that I now have my Eye on.

This shop has some of the most cool, creative and original items that you’d More than likely find only on their website. What an amazing movement they have become. It’s like having access to Luxury items right in the palm of your hands.