Ashley Lightspeed’s Breakthrough

Ashley Lightspeed has contributed a lot to the development of several companies. She uses prototyping as a key element in developing business strategies and coming up with new ideas. For a long time, Ashley has used prototyping to grow and expand businesses. For all the firms she has worked for prototyping has been an essential tool in coming up with viable business ideas.

Since joining Lightspeed Ventures, Ashley no longer prototypes business ideas but, she believes that she still uses it when consulting upcoming firms as well as in creating investment opportunities with other firms.Ashley Lightspeed has always had an interest in prototyping plans. As a teenager, she spent time with her dad in their garage watching him develop building plans and sketch constructions. She believed that one day she would become an architect; however, as Ashley grew up, she developed an interest in business. She saw prototyping business ideas as a thing she would love doing rather than prototyping constructions. See Related Article at

Ashley graduated from Duke University and soon after got employed at Bain and Company; this was the start-off of her successful career. Ashley accomplished a lot while at Bain and helped them increase their profit margins. Ashley Lightspeed also worked at Thumbtack as a category manager; her primary role was to plan and organize events. Ashley first encountered Lightspeed partners at an event hosted by Thumbtack. The agents were able to see her abilities and motivation to work accordingly.

She later left Thumbtack to further her studies at Stanford Business School. During her time there, she worked on business projects that paved her way to joining Lightspeed Ventures Capital. Ashley is a member of Lightspeed; she has contributed a lot to its expansion. She has brought about diversity at the firm and has advocated for more women employees to join the firm.

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Ashley Lightspeed significance to the business sector

Ashley Lightspeed is a business expert who operates at a venture capital company, Lightspeed Venture Partners. She has served a long occupation in consulting and customer service. At the position she holds, she has been able to offer her skills and knowledge to assist the firm. She enjoys assisting business individuals to prosper and ensure they realize their ultimate strength. Currently, she is the one in charge of the investment team for the firm. She ensures that all operations of the firm are properly executed and coordinated. See more of Ashley at

Ashley Lightspeed started her career as a consultant for Bain. Her role in this firm was to prototype ventures. The duration she spent in this company made her learn the value of possessing foresight and insight. In addition, she learned how to utilize devices such as economic modeling, which assists to structure business knowledge. After a short period of time, she shifted to operating with Thumbtack. Her responsibility in this firm was to work in the event and operating sector. She assisted the company to succeed in becoming a prominent online platform for contracting event amenities. It is at this point where she got an opportunity to be introduced to venture capital.

Ashley Lightspeed undertook her studies at Duke University, where she graduated with a degree in marketing and management. Later, she was not satisfied with the degree which led her to pursue masters in the Stanford Business School. Due to the encounters she had made with the venture capital, she got interested to join the business. She decided to stick in Lightspeed Venture Partners where she utilizes her time operating with the investment personnel. Furthermore, she has assisted to expand the activities more and offer visions to the customer retail outlet. She has an opportunity to utilize her expertise and passion for building new items daily.

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Diedre Baggot Changes The Way Healthcare Payments Are Completed

The development of the healthcare industry has been a complex and difficult one in recent years with the unclear future of the Affordable Care Act adding to the problems facing insurers and consumers. Healthcare payments expert Deirdre Baggot has been hoping to make a difference in the way the people of the U.S. pay for their healthcare in more than 200 hospitals. The work completed by Baggot has reached those insured through Medicare, Medicaid, and Employers. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

One of the leading areas of improvement for the healthcare payments industry has been the development of the CMS Acute Care Episode Bundled Payment Demonstration. In the view of Deirdre Baggot, the healthcare payment plans already on the market have been targeted at too wide an area meaning the finer details of payment plans have often been overlooked and remain difficult to understand. Through her work with Exempla Healthcare, the expert in bundled payment for the state of Colorado has been working on behalf of both patients, medical locations, and insurers to ensure the path towards understanding exactly what is covered through insurance plans is as simple as possible.

The success achieved by Deirdre Baggot in her home state of Colorado has seen her work implemented by various groups throughout the U.S. who are looking for a simpler bundled payment plan. Among the honors achieved by Ms. Baggot are the use of her work in pilot Medicaid programs throughout New York State, which reflects the impressive nature of her work in this complex area. The aim of the healthcare business strategist is to assist in the long-term delivery of excellent healthcare options for all and a more transparent billing process for all patients and providers to understand. During her career, the expert in health insurance payments has worked with GE Healthcare, SCL Health, and Sight Medical.

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Deirdre Baggot: Why She Is a Respectable Career Woman

When America is mentioned, many people have many good things to associate it with or say about it. It’s a country that has produced many successful professionals and great business people. The country has a good environment for women who want to enhance their careers to the highest level. Deirdre Baggot is among the women who have succeeded in their careers in this great country. The Washington-based career woman lives in a city called Seattle. She went to Southern Illinois University where she studied nursing. She had always desired to be in the medical field, and this is what she achieved.

If you are still passionate about something, Baggot has discovered that you don’t have to give up on it when things seem not to work. Her appetite for education didn’t end at Southern Illinois University. She also went to Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia for his executive leadership certificate in healthcare. Baggot also went to the school of business in Loyola University for his business administration master’s degree. Although there are many honed career women in the country, Baggot could probably be on top. She went to the University of Colorado for her master’s degree in nursing and graduated with a Ph.D. from the same university. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile on Linkedin

Everyone great has a journey behind them. For about six years, Baggot was a practice leader at the Camden Group. She also served as the vice president in this place. Previously, Deirdre Baggot was in the academic healthcare for about ten years where she got most of her healthcare skills and experience. Baggot has worked for the health system of the Michigan University, and she has also worked at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The key leadership positions she has held in the healthcare industry have made her who she is today.

The Centers for Medicare has sought help from her as an expert reviewer. She carried out the 2012 care initiative of the Medicaid services meant for the payments of bundles. She featured at the morning edition on Nation Public Radio. The Acute Care Episode took Deirdre Baggot to help improve how the bundled-payment used to be done. Various national and international organizations have benefited from her great skills and knowledge.

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Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating

Whitney Wolfe is changing the way that people date. Whitney Wolfe is the founder and the CEO of the Bumble app. Bumble is a dating app that allows women to initiate the contact with a person they are interested in. This is the only dating app where women can be in full control. By 2017, this app had 11 million users.

This is not the first dating app that Whitney Wolfe helped to develop. In 2012, Whitney Wolfe helped develop the Tinder app. This app was a big hit and Whiney knew where her career was going to be. Whiney did not stay with the company. There were allegations of sexual harassment but they were settled. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University where she got her degree in International Studies. She was an entrepreneur since her college days. While is school she sold bamboo totes. She even partnered up at this time to help form a non-profit group called the Help Us Project. Nichole Richie was photographed holding one of the bags and they became an international hit.

Due to her development of the dating apps Wolfe was named one of the 30 Most Inspirational Women Under 30. She also made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for her work. Currently the app is valued at $1.5 billion.

Wolfe felt that women needed to take more control of their life including those they wanted to date. That is where the idea of Bumble came from. The women on this site get to decide who they want to talk to. They are the ones that initiate the messaging and according to the millions of users, the women like to be in control. Wolfe has enjoyed success in the world of dating apps and at this point she has a very successful career in app development.



Barbara Stokes: Bringing New Developments To Green Structure Homes In The Form Of Eight New Centers

When disasters strike, it is mainly because of the work that companies like Green Structure Homes carry out that people can get situated once again. The company has time and still contributed to relocation measures in the aftermath of natural disasters, and has been able to help people locate themselves once again. One of the people leading the charge at the company is Barbara Stokes, who stands as the CEO of Green Structure Homes. Having an incredible amount of experience with companies partaking in disaster relief measures, she has been able to implement a number of developments that have improved the manner in which the company functions. As the CEO, she is responsible for all of the programs that the company takes on and the measures that they implement. She has been able to improve the services that the company offers and has developed the overall workings of Green Structure Homes. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.


As the CEO of a company like this, she often has to work with government officials and agencies. One of the organizations that the company is known to work in coordination with is FEMA and has ongoing contracts with them. Because of these collaborations, the company itself has been able to grow and expand. Because of the work that the company is doing with FEMA, they have been able to set up eight new Green Structure Homes centers throughout the country. Stokes was a large part of this development that the company has seen and was instrumental in the program that was implemented. Through her work, he was able to help the company grow and become a notable name in the industry. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


The opening up of eight new centers is not only beneficial for Green Structure Homes, but for the communities around which they are situated. These new centers will make way for a number of new positions, thereby giving people a good place that they can work at.


The direction in which Green Structure Homes has moved in is greatly influenced by the principles and values that Barbara Stokes holds. Giving back to the community is one of the principles that the company was built on, and is also something that Stokes sees as extremely important. Through the company, and through her philanthropic ventures, Stokes has been able to extend a helping hand to people in need. Because of her contributions, the company has gained an impressive reputation as a notable name.