Jeunesse Global creates AM PM Essentials

Staying productive throughout the workday is one of the most important things any modern employee can do. Many studies have shown that productivity rapidly declines after the lunch break, leading to the second half of the day yielding just fractions of the total productivity of the morning. Any employee who can maintain morning-level productivity throughout the afternoon can potentially enjoy a big edge over their peers.

For this reason, many workers seeking enhanced productivity throughout the workday turn to supplements and energy drinks to boost their productive output, keeping it steady throughout the entire day. But this often leads to serious problems when it comes time to fall asleep. Many of the most effective means of staying at peak performance throughout the entire day directly cause sleep disturbances or even outright insomnia. Because losing sleep can be extremely detrimental to the next day’s functioning, these solutions can ultimately be not only self-limiting but also positively counterproductive.

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Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the fastest-growing providers of health and beauty products on the planet, has devised a product that meets the challenges of helping people to stay at peak performance throughout the day while also allowing them to get a good night’s sleep. AM PM Essentials, the company’s innovative multivitamin, is designed to give people the boost they need to keep going strong all-day long. At night, it allows users to quickly wind down, falling asleep quickly and getting a thorough night’s rest.

AM PM Essentials is one of the few products on the market that has been clinically verified to effectively meet the demands of busy professionals and others with high-stress, high-performance lifestyles. It is just one of the many innovative products from Jeunesse Global, one of the top direct-marketers of health and beauty companies in the world today.

Jeunesse Global, which was founded by industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, has built a suite of products around the creation of what it calls Generation Young, the first generation in the history of the world to have all of the necessary tools at its disposal to indefinitely stave off the worst effects of aging.

Jay Z and Desiree Perez Makes another Move

Jay Z signed a deal worth $150 milli0n with Live Nation ten years ago. The contract was to last for ten years meaning that next year is their last year together. There were speculations that the deal would be renewed, but Live Nation cleared the air and also said that they no longer buy recorded music. Live Nation said that they could continue but not including the recorded music deal. Early signs show that Jay Z could be heading to Roc Nation for more sales.

Roc Nation is home to Jay Z, other prolific artists who are members of Roc Nation include Rihana, Fat Joe, Shakira and Meek Mill. Jay Z and top Roc Nation’s executive Desiree Perez met Sir Lucian Grainge the CEO of Universal Music group. The meeting which took place in Sir Lucian’s office raised eyebrows that UMG could be planning to buy some shares from Roc Nation.

United Music Group and Roc Nation already have a working relationship but in a small percentage. Signing another deal will mean that UMG’s stake at Roc Nation will go high. United Music Group Company has developed a lot of interest in the agreement terming Jay Z as phenomenal.

About Desiree Perez

Desire Perez has been Roc Nation’s chief operating officer since 2009. Her contribution to the company is incredible; she has been involved in areas like publishing, marketing, and management. She is also engaged in Rihana’s Samsung deal. She is a great negotiator, and the company has her record ever the same.

Desiree Perez is part of the collective team that runs and manages operations at Roc Nation. Jay Z and Desiree Perez have been working together for more than 20 years. Their twenty years of working together made a lot of contribution to music industry.

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Talk Fusion Unveils Free Monthly Trial Account to New Users

Talk Fusion is one of the leaders in online video marketing in the world. The company, founded by CEO Bob Reina, has been working hard over the past decade in order to bring customers and clients together through the power of video marketing. Reina and Talk Fusion have been incredibly successful over the years and it has led to them climbing the ladder to the top of the industry. Now it appears that Talk Fusion is looking to get even more people involved with a new offer from their website: the Talk Fusion Free Trial User account.


Bob Reina knows that more people need to try Talk Fusion in order to understand why it has become so effective and that is why Talk Fusion has been preparing, for the past year, their Free Trial User account. This profile allows users to get on board with Talk Fusion and try out everything in their coveted Marketing Suite for free for an entire 30 days. The free trial accounts have access to all of the top programs and information available that paying Talk Fusion customers have. All you need is a username and email in order to sign up, no credit card necessary.


CEO Bob Reina is never one to stay away from releasing a statement, particularly when ti is in regards to the power of their video marketing platform. Reina says, “There is absolutely no comparison in the world to the value that we bring.” Reina continues to explain how his goal with the free trial account was to get the program into the hands of as many people as possible all around the world. Talk Fusion is now accessible in 140 different countries as well as in nine different languages. If there was ever a time to embrace the power of video marketing it would be now.


This past year we saw Talk Fusion land some serious accolades. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Talk Fusion also saw themselves established atop the industry as the defacto leaders in video marketing on the internet. Learn more:

The Lines of Market America Products Fit the Different Needs People Have

Market America offers people increased financial growth opportunities as well as the ability to purchase high quality products. The Market America products come in a variety of categories carefully selected to fit the different needs people have. This company has been offering their products through specialized distributors since 1992. They strive to provide their customers with the most engaging and rewarding shopping experience possible. Their online shop offers people the ability to view all of their items at a glance to make better comparisons with competitive brands. The team at Market America believes their products will outshine their competitors in price, quality and convenience.

The Market America line of beauty products offers a large selection of items designed to help people look and feel their best. In this category shoppers will find everything from sprays designed to protect the skin from environmental pollutants to hydrating skin lotions. The research and technology behind the Cellular Laboratories line of skin care products can help reverse the signs of aging. This product line offers an anti-aging day crème made with an SPF level of 20. Not only does it help reduce the lines and wrinkles already present on a person’s face, but it helps prevent new ones from occurring.

People can also take advantage of the Market America products found in the company’s category of health and nutrition. In this category, shoppers will find a variety of supplements with some brands offering specialized formulas to help control and manage conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The Vitamind supplements help stimulate the interior elements of the brain to enhance its cognitive function while also boosting a person’s level of energy. The beverage supplements from Mocha Tonix also help boots energy levels while providing the body with essential nutrients needed to get through the day.

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Why Choose José Henrique Borghi For Your Advertising Needs

José Henrique Borghi is a highly reputable advertising executive and can help you attain the success you desire. Many companies and markers turn to José Henrique Borghi for top notch advertising and marketing solutions.

Effective advertising can be the difference between success, or the failure of your business or organization. Every smart organization manager or entrepreneur understands that marketing promotions or advertising is essential for the success and growth of any business. Yet many business people or marketers still think they can handle their marketing needs without adequate resources or skill and learn more about Borghi.

If you want to achieve extraordinary growth and success in your business, it is imperative to consult an experienced advertising professional. That’s where José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian advertising and marketing agency, Mullen Lowe, comes in.

José Henrique Borghi has been in the advertising business for many years and is well regarded in the advertising and marketing fields. José Henrique Borghi runs one of the most prominent ad agencies in Brazil and has helped numerous enterprises and business people achieve great results with their advertising and promotions and more information click here.

José Henrique Borghi has a team of qualified professionals, comprising of researchers, copywriters, planners and advertising management specialists. These professionals have the expertise and resources to ensure a significant return on investment and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

When you hire José Henrique Borghi and his an advertising team, you are hiring an experienced and reputable team that knows what to do and has effective strategy needed to become successful. Immediately after signing up, a team from the advertising agency will review your situation and have a comprehensive discussion about your business, the product and features you want to advertise. They will study your target audience, and determine the best approach to take. Check out José Henrique Borghi and his ad agency, Mullen Lowe and contact him.

Innovative and Outstanding Financial Strategies with Richard Blair

Achieving riches administration objectives and accomplishing individual money related objectives are the key targets of any budgetary arranging process. It includes inside and out research and money related information accumulation before making an expert speculation portfolio and to execute this, you have to comprehend where your accounts are presently and have the capacity to extend where or what you need your portfolio to look like later on. We would anticipate that our money related proficient will build up an expansion methodology that would highlight our lives by meeting and surpassing our monetary objectives. Richard Solutions attempts to convey these outcomes to its customers. While attempting to create associations with princely customers, Wealth Solutions offers them secure, thorough, and demonstrated riches administration methodologies.


Riches Solutions, established by Richard Blair, is an expert speculation admonitory firm that offers riches administration arrangements by utilizing time tried propelled innovation to convey inventive items and administrations to its customers. Alongside Richard’s skill, Wealth Solutions can give its customers imaginative speculation alternatives that convey ideal outcomes by making a broadened portfolio with least dangers and great outcomes.


Retirement planing is something that ought to be viewed as similarly as critical as incapacity and government managed savings. Riches Solutions trusts that you should start retirement arranging early. They work with customers all through the few phases required for retirement arranging. Richard Blair is professionally prepared to build up a custom guide to help with those stages. They incorporate building, creating, contributing and overseeing riches, to the last phases of progressing into retirement and living off of your retirement portfolio. Regardless of whether those means incorporate a 401(k) design, common assets, IRA speculations, or annuities, Richard attempts to distinguish those open doors that would fabricate riches in the most doable techniques for every individual customer. Learn more:


Money related Planning


Richard Blair has an immense comprehension of the market patterns related with building up an extensive money related. Money related arranging requires deciding the right measures to improve your present accounts while creating intends to make more riches. The fitting choices concerning your riches portfolio is unfavorable and ought to be treated with essential points of interest. The Financial arranging process includes a few phases that join an assortment of speculation systems ( Utilizing Richard’s expert learning and ability, making your money related arrangement can be refined by assessing your benefits and liabilities, setting up your objectives, and building up an arrangement of activity. These activities may incorporate a school reserve funds design, land contributing and arranging, assess investment funds procedures, and obviously, an exhaustive retirement design. Richard Solutions can create and actualize diverse techniques that attention on your particular targets and objectives. Learn more: