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Over the past few decades, globalization has become something that’s within the grasp of more and more companies. Much of this has been driven by advancements in technology and a few other innovative areas. One of the most notable examples of this has been, which has grown rapidly over the past decade or so. The China-based e-commerce platform was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong and has since grown to be referred to as China’s Amazon. Its growth has been so rapid that over the past decade it’s grown to have over 100 million active users; Forbes has also recently estimated that was worth over $11 billion.

However, the e-commerce industry has recently been the target of a certain degree of criticism, especially when it comes to the likes of maintaining sustainable, inclusive, and environmentally friendly business practices. With that in mind, Richard Liu Qiangdong has recently doubled-down on the efforts of to meet and exceed the demands of customers in each of those areas. Because of that, the e-commerce giant has also re-invested in many of its operational practices. The majority of this investment will go toward increasing transparency in the company. Furthermore, Richard Liu has also noted that the company will be increasing its efforts when it comes to sustainable practices and environmental care.

Changing in the face of challenges is something that’s engrained in’s DNA. CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong initially established business as a small brick-and-mortar store. While this proved to be successful and grew to over a dozen stores, roadblocks ended up forcing Richard Liu to change the business. Perhaps the most notable of these is when China was rocked by a SARS outbreak which made interacting with customers face to face increasingly more difficult. As such, Qiangdong needed to find a way to save the business.

This led to him moving more and more of his products online. Noting the popularity and cost-effectiveness of this, a variety of retailers and manufacturers partnered with Richard Liu Qiangdong. This prompted a rebranding where was officially unveiled with thousands of products across a variety of different categories.

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What You Need to Know about OSI Group and Its Success in the Food Market

OSI Food Solutions is a premier food production and processing firm that has been in operation since 1909. The company has been in operation for over one hundred years. Currently, OSI is one of the top performing firms in America, and it boasts an excess of 20,000 employees. OSI’s long and excellent track record in the food processing industry has seen the firm establish itself as the go-to provider of food products for fast food giants such as McDonald’s.

Pundits and experts in the food processing industry consider OSI Food Solutions as one of the leading food processing companies on earth, and this is evident in the firm’s domination of the processed food industry. OSI runs a sophisticated network of leading retail stores across various countries across the world.

According to the executives at OSI Food Solutions, the success of the firm would not have been possible if they did not have an in-depth understanding of their market, their clients, and the food products in demand. To meet the ever-growing demand for processed food products, OSI has been investing in the construction of facilities across various nations.

The firm’s quality assessment division ensures that the OSI’s facilities spread throughout the globe develop and maintain the processing and development of high-quality food for its clients around the world. Despite its humble beginnings, OSI has grown from a corner store catering for the needs of hundreds of clients to one of the largest privately held companies meeting the food demand of millions of people every day.

OSI Food Solutions core business is value-addition. Besides taking part in the production of food products and its development, OSI makes a significant investment in improving its value-addition process. Currently, the firm does value-addition to products it develops while also offering value-addition services to its clients in the food sector.

Over the years, consumer behavior has been gradually shifting, and as a result, the demand for processed foods is increasing. OSI Food Solutions is using the trend to get into the production of processed foods since the firm has the facilities, human resources, and the much-needed resources to invest in the provision of processed food products viable, sustainable, and viable.

Bhanu Choudhrie Contributions to Europeans Investment Market Through C&C Alpha Group Ltd

Bhanu Choudhrie is a young and visionary business personality. Apart from being part of the alternative investment market, he has other interests in Asia markets. Under C&C Alpha Group, he is one of the people that continues to make European markets the future of alternative investments. Under his leadership, the company has diversified its influence in this growing market. C&C Alpha Group is one of the few companies in London that offers all range of investment services to their clients. In 2019, the company hopes to expand its services scope to other markets, with the aim of serving more investors. The following are some of the tips that make Bhanu Choudhrie an incredible investor and a visionary manager.

First, he understands the value of research in this market. Every investment decision is a product of extensive research on the niche. Bhanu Choudhrie understands that the market is not static and the factors that were viable earlier may not be viable all the time. His management team has commissioned several types of research on how to improve the company’s influence in other markets apart from the British market. Although the company has one of the best trend analysts, having a more in-depth understanding of the market and investment trends is important for a modern company. Choudhrie understands that the implementation of research findings is also a critical part of remain consistency in this market. Read more full interview of Bhanu Choudhrie at

Bhanu Choudhrie values teamwork and under his leadership, the company has made some important strides in productivity. According to business journals in England for example, C&C Alpha Group continues to be a reference point in terms of productivity and teamwork. Choudhrie understands the value of a united company, especially in a volatile market. In order to achieve a purpose-driven company, the company has an unmatched hiring procedure. The Hiring procedure ensures that the company gets the best talents in the world of finance and more importantly by encouraging diversity in the company.

In conclusion, the company, under the leadership of Bhanu Choudhrie has also invested in the Indian transport system. Choudhrie understands that air transport in India is one of the economy stimuli and being of Indian ancestry; he feels he has an obligation to attract international investors.


Article Title: Uses AI In Real World Applications

Article Text: is a global retailer and one of the largest in China. is the biggest company in China in terms of revenue, and it deals in commodities of all manners. is a loyal and trustworthy brand because of the high standards of products that they sell. It is known for being authentic on its products, and it sells products of all ranges from electronics to cosmetics and fresh foods. has also managed to break it into the global world and provides same-day delivery as well as next day delivery as soon as someone orders a product. Recently, has been pushing Artificial Intelligence Startups to utilize AI technology in real world applications.

The first demo day that was held in March for the AI accelerator gave a chance to startups to show their projects in AI. The first group that showcased their projected were from a range of industries that include healthcare, education, retail and legal. Some of the projects that were shown at the demo have already been implemented into the system for use. An exceptional example is the company FaGouGou that provides legal consultation services that are powered by AI. This company has worked closely with the legal team at to create a chatbot that can engage with customers who require legal services. This real world application of AI intelligence has provided customers with quick and ready answers whenever they need them.

This new technology by FaGouGou is of great help because it is helping to solve the shortage of lawyers in China especially those that are experienced. One other business startup that has embraced the use of AI is wine startups. There is one app known as the 9KaCha wine app that uses’s snapshot technology that allows users to upload pictures of wine. This means that shoppers do not have to remember the names of wines they drank when the app can tell them the name through the picture and also provide other recommendations of wine similar to the one they have uploaded. This AI accelerator program is creating a lot of new opportunities for people in China.

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Article Title: The Future Is Products

Article Text: gained its start as a modest storefront business in the city of Beijing. At the time, was called respectively Jingdong, and the established business catered to multimedia distribution.The business was immensely successful with twelve shops operating across the city.

It was 2002, when a fatal SARS outbreak instantly swept through China. Richard Liu Qiangdong indicates that was born out of the moral decision, to move from a susceptible brick and mortar location to an exclusively online platform. Richard Liu declares it was a critical choice, but the most suitable choice to ensure the livelihood of  business.

Now, Richard Liu and are focused on the future on the Chinese industry. Just recently, the Chief Executive Officer launched a ambitious project to efficiently provide grocery items to both city-dwelling and rural residence. This successful launch is fortunately in addition to release of same-day and next-day delivery options for its online customers.

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What You Need to Know About James River Capital

Finance Is One Field People Should Pay Attention To

Finance is a key part of the lives everyone around the globe but many do not find it appealing to pay attention to their finances, they would rather live, earn, and continue to enjoy the benefits of their earnings. It is important for individuals to find out how to minimize their liabilities and to maximize their gains by tapping into finance at an earlier age. Learn more:


The earlier one is able to get into the sector from an investment perspective, the earlier one is able to make a difference in their lives and ideally be better off in the long run.


Let’s look at one firm that would be able to help you invest your funds and how they manage their company culture.


Why You Should Get To Know James River Capital

James River Capital is there to help you to manage your finances and provide you with the returns that you need to make an impact in your life over time. The founder of the company believed that it is necessary for a wide variety of alternative investments to outweigh the risks that are present in traditional investments. The founder of the company knew one principle and would abide that principle, it is better to diversify to minimize risk and preserve capital. the company had a key focus on minimizing risk and preserving capital first before aiming for the maximization and growth of capital.


The company made sure to look at the broad selection of traditional equity and fixed income instruments and then would add more diversification by looking at alternative asset classes.


The company is a big believer in the fact that the investment methods and the types of possibilities that are present within the market are much greater than the ones that are present in the traditional markets. The reasons why these individuals are able to access these different markets and have different options is because of differences in regulations, appetites for risk and diversification overall.


This process that James River and key employees such as Paul Sanders has helped them to navigate pressures in the markets and will continue to help them in their journey. Paul Sanders, a founder, and principal of James River Capital Corp has the experience and the expertise to get you where you need to be.

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Jingdong Is Using AR For Safety And Shopping

These days it can be scary to be a kid which is why it’s important to keep your children educated about potential dangers in society. While you may have heard of stranger danger, how much are you discussing it with your kids? Fortunately, there are tools from companies like Jingdong that can help your children learn about safety in a way that combines reading and technology that will allow them to have fun while they are doing something educational.

Recently, added augmented reality features to a popular book about stranger danger. Not only will the customers who buy the hardcover version of the popular book, “I’m Not Going With Everyone” is popular with children who speak the native language of German as well as children in China and other countries throughout the world who enjoy the translated versions of the book. Along with the classic situational awareness lessons in the book, Jingdong is adding 4 brand new situations in which children and their parents can learn about safety with strangers and even people that the children know.

Children go missing around the world every single day. Jingdong knows how important it is to educate children of this danger in a way that they understand in order to make it so they are more likely to come home every single night. With the advances in technology is able to do even more to keep kids in China safe by designing learning resources that keep them engaged while teaching them vital lessons. Augmented reality is just one way that technology is being used to keep kids around the world safe.

Augmented reality is not just used as a tool for children’s books. Jingdong also used augmented reality to enhance their consumer’s shopping experience. While they may not be able to hold a product in their hand before buying it, augmented reality can help consumers experience the product in a way and get to know what benefits it has to offer them. implemented augmented reality technology in retail rather early on and are known for their interesting and creative uses for it.

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Mike Nierenberg Found His Start at a Once Prestigious Institution

Mike Nierenberg was always focused as a young child, he always wanted to operate and continue to make waves in his different actions, this was evidenced in his activities such as being on the little league time when he was a young child and when Mike Nierenberg went through school and ended up starting at a firm like Lehman Brothers. For Mike Nierenberg, each step of his path led him to become a player in key positions within the financial industry. Mike Nierenberg certainly makes sure to take the right moves to be able to make a difference wherever he goes.

Mike Nierenberg and His Time at the Brothers Institution

The Lehman Brothers financial institution is where Mike Nierenberg started career. It was here that he would learn about the different aspects of finance, culture, and the intersection of both fields in the financial sector.

The story of Lehman Brothers was probably quite fascinating to Mike Nierenberg, prompting him to join the firm.

Here’s a few pieces of information that may make you do a double take on the financial firm.

Did you know that Lehman Brothers was started as a dry-goods store back in 1847? An immigrant from Bavaria started the store, then went into business with his brother, then changed the name of the store from what it was in the past to H. Lehman Bro.” Then, both brothers changed the name of the store again after the arrival of their other brother, Mayer Lehman, a couple of years later.

They would change the name to Lehman Brothers.

About Michael Nierenberg:

Edwin Miranda’s Success

Edwin Miranda is a successful individual in the performance marketing industry. He is the founder and CEO of KOI IXS a performance marketing firm. As the CEO of the firm, he is delighted to be working with a team of creative and skilled individuals. As a leader, Edwin supports his team and encourages them to use their skills to the maximum. Edwin uses employees’ ideas and skills to grow and expand KOI IXS. Edwin puts useful skill into the firm’s vision thereby enabling KOI to attain its vision easily. Edwin Miranda has helped several global brands to become successful in the today marketing industry.

Edwin Miranda uses Fantastical 2, a time management app to become productive. The app has a calendar that helps one to keep track of meetings and appointments. It also helps one to manage their time well. The app holds one’s appointments together and also has a location tag that notifies one of the locations of the next meeting. Edwin Miranda also uses a to-do list to accomplish tasks and set goals. He believes that with a well-planned schedule anyone can be successful. A plan will also help one to note successful duties and those still pending. A to-do list is an essential tool that all entrepreneurs should use.

As the CEO of KOI, Edwin Miranda encourages individuals to read Predictive Marketing. The book broadens one’s knowledge and provides a better understanding of marketing. The literature also gives detailed information on the changing marketing industry; the new marketing world that relies on technology. Edwin Miranda has had several failures like any other reasonable business person; these failures have helped him learn a lot and move closer towards attaining his goals. Failure is typical, and entrepreneurs should be willing to accept and learn from mistakes and use them as a stepping stone towards becoming successful. Desire and passion are keys factors that any entrepreneur should have.

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Richard Liu Qiandong and the Road to Jingdong

1998 marked the beginning of Richard Liu Qiandong’s entrepreneurial career, launching his first physical retail store in Beijing. Over the course of the next few years, the company, which would eventually evolve into, began an unprecedented run of rapid expansion, opening 12 brick-and-mortar locations before transitioning to online retail. Today,, or Jingdong, is one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world and is hailed as the largest e-commerce platform in China. With a market value of $60 billion, continues rapid ascension, garnering support from a number of well-established entities, including two of its primary competitors, Amazon and Walmart.

Richard Liu Qiandong’s story began in the small town of Suqian, located in China’s Jiangsu province. As a youth, he assisted his parents, who worked in the coal-shipping industry, while also excelling at his classwork and outside activities. He attended the People’s University of China, where, despite majoring in sociology, dedicated his time to a number of areas, including computer coding and entrepreneurship. Richard Liu Qiandong’s initial attempt at entrepreneurship occurred with the opening of his first restaurant, which ultimately failed. Undeterred, he decided to take a position with Japan Life upon graduation, utilizing his computer coding skills to move up within the company. After several years, he decided to revisit his entrepreneurial aspirations, renting a space in a tech hub located in Beijing.

Utilizing a mixture of sweat-equity and innovation, his business quickly took off, expanding into twelve locations. After a number of successful years, the SARS epidemic swept through China, causing a complete restructure of the retail model due to the limited access between customers and providers. This tragedy prompted Richard Liu Qiandong to consider the e-commerce format, and in 2004, was officially born. With limited cash available, initially provided IT products, slowly making the transition into a vaster supply chain. By 2010, had expanded into each sector, with its most profitable products being fashion and home appliances. At 44 years of age, Richard Liu Qiandong hopes to leave a significant legacy behind – one that emphasizes his strengths as a father, husband, son, boss, and partner.