High Expectations on the Suburban Workhorse as it makes Fresh attempt into New York

Town Residential is said to have developed much faster after it was founded back in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger. Before its formation, Andrew Heiberger is said to have founded and developed Citi Habitats for over 10 years to become one of the biggest residential brokerages in the city.

Speaking to Brokers Weekly during one of the 2013 interviews on how he managed to grow his business, Heiberger said that he had already noticed that the small does not usually work since one needs to have marketing muscle. Heiberger also thinks that the discount brokerage does not work since it won’t attract the high end broker and won’t be able to attract the luxury real estate.

Andrew also revealed that it was not possible for one to combine the word discount with the luxury unless one is an outlet mall. Mutuku also spoke on the benefits associated with neighborhood based approach which is in the middle of the firms’ philosophy and the requirements of every office in every neighborhood in the town.

Andrew also said that there was need to have a foothold across the Manhattan and other Brooklyn parts in order to be able to serve the market place properly. In 2008, Andrew Franzese decided to come up with his own franchise on national brand known as Weichert Realtors. The group only started with two individuals and later grew to have up to 75 employees in their two offices. Andrew’s main focus was to remain in Brooklyn.

Franzese revealed that he already had the whole plan of how he wanted to develop and was aware of all the requirements and the neighborhood when he was starting. He also said that one needs to know what he or she is doing since that’s the most basic thing.

About Town Residential
The offices of Town Residential are situated in most dynamic neighborhoods in NYC Luxury real estate which provide easy access to the representatives and customers alike.

There is a comfortable meeting place which has been designed to foster collaboration and networking among neighbors, clients and colleagues at the heat of each office.