Jennifer Walden offers caring, compassionate and empathetic care for her clients

Plastic surgery is ultimately an elective procedure. Because it is seen as elective few, if any, insurance companies will pay for it. When insurance companies do pay for it, there are usually exceptional circumstances involved. Doctor Jennifer Walden knows all about this, and she also knows something that many of her competitors do not. She knows and can understand on a personal level what most of her patients go through. Because she is a female, she knows these things in a way many of her male competitors cannot. What she can provide is empathy for her patients.

While it is a good thing for surgeons to not have too much empathy for their clients, all patients want people who can provide appropriate care. It helps when a doctor knows what a patient is going through in addition to providing sympathy. The patients who come into her office often have born children and are raising families. As a mother herself, Doctor Walden knows what it takes to raise children, and she knows how challenging societal expectations of beauty can be.

She offers competitive prices. Most of the surgeries she offers run between $10,00 to $20,00 dollars. Walden performs tummy tucks, breast augmentations, breast reductions and rhinoplasty among other services. For a female patient who wants someone who understands, this plastic surgeon from Texas might be the best option. As a Texan, she also knows how to offer friendly service and warm hospitality. Someone who needs her services has few better options.