Randal Nardone: Linguist, Lawyer, Business Executive

Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut where he graduated with a degree in English and Biology. Following this, he attended the Boston University Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. After graduating Law School, Randal joined Thacher Proffitt & Wood as a partner and would later on join the executive committee.

After a few years in Law, Randal shifted his focus to financial services and this decision prompted him to join Blackrock Financial Management. Randal Nardone served the company as a Principal until 1997 following which he became an MD at UBS. In 1998, Randal Nardone and Wes Edens co-founded Fortress Investment Group and in 2013, he was appointed group CEO.

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In his time at Fortress, Mr Nardone has started the Fortress Investment Fund IV and V alongside starting the Fortress Registered Investment Trust where he was the VP and COO.

In December 2017, Fortress Group was acquired by SoftBank Corp for a little over $3.3 billion dollars. The acquisition was not intentional to control Fortress Group because the company retained its ability to function independently and continue to invest in the transport sector as they had been doing.

During this acquisition, Randal was optimistic that this partnership with SoftBank was the best move for the company, at the time. The company would grow at a fast rate in the coming years and they would be in a position to access better credit. The stocks at Fortress Investment Group were bought for approximately $8 per share yet, they had been trading at only $5, so this was an overall win for Randal Nardone and his company.

Aside from working at Fortress, Randal Nardone is also the President and Chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings. He is VP of Newcastle Investment Holdings and as of 2008, he is also the Director of Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation.

Currently, Fortress is valued at almost $70 billion in assets, 50% of it being fixed income. According to Forbes, Randal ranks at number 557 and has a net value of $1.8 billion.

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Vijay Eswaran is One of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Like other entrepreneurs, Vijay Eswaran is a man who has struggled on his journey in the business world. With all ventures, there are ups and downs. Along the way, it is easy for a person to give up. However, maintaining a positive attitude has been the key to Eswaran’s success. Throughout all of his daily challenges, he always “sees the cup as half full.”

Vijay Eswaran is the founder of the QI Group, which deals with retail, direct selling, and other financial services. In a world of e-commerce, his original goal was to successfully introduce a direct selling model into this platform. In 2011, Eswaran took his passion for mentoring and created Quest International University. It is one of the fastest growing institutions in Malaysia and offers quality education to those who want it the most. His philanthropic spirit is alive and well, and he always focuses his efforts on community development.

In the beginning, Eswaran had few things going his way. He had almost no serious business connections or funding. Also, Asia was in the middle of an economic crisis. Despite the roadblocks, he has always claimed that success is synonymous with battles. He teaches that it is crucial to embrace the negatives and to move forward. He explains that it is important to escape the traps of personal ego and to keep growing. He maintains a positive philosophy towards the world of business.

Eswaran stresses the importance of suppressing the ego. Without an ego, a person can maintain an open mind. This allows an individual to have the ability to accept new ideas and to enjoy unbelievable opportunities. Suppressing the ego is a continuous process. Through Vijay’s positive philosophical views, he can be curious and seek new experiences. In this manner, he is constantly learning.

In business, it is common for people to get stuck in ruts. Vijay Eswaran explains that individuals are often their own worst enemies and become trapped in viewpoints that prohibit growth. Entrepreneurs tend to get caught on certain paths. This makes it difficult to expand on ideas. Also, it makes it challenging to believe that taking leaps of faith will bring successful outcomes. Instead of being afraid and acting in a down manner, it is essential to see the proverbial cup as half full. In order to accomplish this, Eswaran offers a few tips.

The first step toward having a more positive viewpoint is to learn how to let go of grudges. When a person remains mad at another individual or situation, his or her attitude will greatly be affected. Holding onto anger colors the world with a negative appearance. A person’s emotions become focused on the bad and not the good. Besides an individual’s personal life, this makes his or her professional demeanor suffer. When less negativity is floating around a person’s head, there is an increased chance of finding something better.

Next, it is necessary to stop trying to control everything. In the business environment, it is tempting for an entrepreneur to try and manage all parts of a company. When a person realizes that it is not a bad thing to ask for help and to upkeep a sense of curiosity, the doors to success will be opened. This is essential for all entrepreneurs to grasp.

Vijay explains the importance of honesty in business as well. It is easy to have a positive attitude when a person does not have to guard what he or she is saying. Covering over lies requires effort that is better placed within innovation for the company. Also, upholding honesty is a way to create a better work environment. For example, when a person uncovers a problem at the office, it is not necessary to get upset, to create a negative pattern of thinking, or to cover the issue. Everything should be shared with the rest of the team so that it is easier to overcome obstacles. It keeps the lines of communication alive as well. When things are flowing smoothly, it is easy to have a more positive point of view.

One of the best ways to see the cup “half full” is by practicing gratitude. A few minutes each day, Eswaran counts his blessings for all that he has in his life. He admits that this makes him feel more capable and helps to release some stress. When his mind is relaxed, it makes it easier for him to think in a positive manner. This is good for both his personal life and his business. At the end of each night, Eswaran spends a short amount of time in silent reflection. Without any distractions, it is possible for him to gather his emotions and thoughts. After taking the time to reflect on all of the day’s activities, it is simple to find a positive focus. Even if there is a problem, it is possible to uncover a potential solution without the interference of outside stimuli.

Another source of Eswaran’s personal motivation is to think about all of the people who have been touched by his business. He enjoys interacting with customers and hearing their stories. By establishing this connection, it makes him want to work harder, become more innovative, and continue to enhance the lives of others. Vijay constantly instills in his employees that it is not just a business that succeeds. The people within the business are the true success stories. He takes a team approach and always encourages loyalty and hard work. By following this style of management, it is possible for other leaders to enjoy a “cup half full” philosophy as well.

Get shiny, healthy beautiful hair with Wen by Chaz

A popular hair product for women, Wen by Chaz helps to make your hair shinier, bouncier, and give you the confidence you need when you head to work or just a night out on the town. Creator of the hair-product line, Dean Chaz’s philosophy is to create a product that gives you healthy hair.

Chaz Dean created the Wen by Chaz line with a different approach to giving women luscious hair. Chaz isn’t a believer in shampoo, instead, he believes shampoos, bleach, and irons can permanently damage hair. The Wen by Chaz line doesn’t include shampoo, instead has a cleansing conditioner. It’s one product that both cleans and conditions without damaging hair, like some shampoos, can do.

Women can feel comfortable and safe using the Wen by Chaz coloring products. Wen by Chaz’s products are either low ammonia or ammonia free. Because there’s no bleach or strong developer, the products are essentially fume-free, which helps not only the environment and also the comfort of people using the products.

If you’d like to match your product with the season, WEN has seasonal conditioners, like Fall Ginger Pumpkin, Winter White Citrus, Winter Vanilla Mint, and Fall Fresh Apple. The products are soy-protein based that help strengthen hair and boost shine. Wen by Chaz also has a rice-based line with a gluten-free formula, incorporating green and black teas. View the Wen company profile on crunchbase.com.


Talos Energy: An Independent Gas And Oil Company

Talos energy is a famous oil and gas company with perfect career opportunities in production, exploration, as well as corporate disciplines. It has a wealth of experience in offshore production and exploration. The firm offers flexible work schedules, competitive benefits to enhance work and opportunities for future advancement.

The firm is highly knowledgeable in acquiring shelf as well as deepwater resources in the Gulf of Mexico. Upon the acquisition of the resources, Talos Energy optimizes them with the help of the cutting-edge seismic technologies. The firm has been operating for a decade and has been able to build a good reputation in industry.

Where Talos Energy operates

The company’s technical and management team have spent a good percentage of their time in the Gulf of Mexico as well as at the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. For the last seventy years, there has been good progression when it comes to advanced drilling techniques as well as geophysical technology. This has resulted in an increase in the development, exploration, and exploitation tasks within the area.

The company’s ability to utilize modern progressions and its extensive technical expertise have enabled the firm to be successful in most of its activities. According to this hardworking company, gas and oil will remain a fundamental energy source for several years to come. The firm focuses on innovation in production and exploitation to ensure resources that were thought to be unreachable are recovered.

The company’s ambition

The firm aims to acquire under-exploited and under-valued assets, which will benefit from operational focus as well as modern geographical data. The company has invested heavily and also equipped its technical teams with the relevant tools to analyze and also assess their assets. The company is working day and night to allocate more capital in exploration and exploitation programs for efficiency reasons. It is also working hard to invest highly in projects that are more profitable.

More about Talos Energy

Talos Energy was started in the year 2014. Timothy Duncan founded the company with the amount totaling to 600 million U.S. dollars. The companies starting capital was acquired from the Apollo Global Management as well as Riverstone Holdings. The company is located in Houston, Texas.

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Matthew Fleeger a Serial Entrepreneur Leading Gulf Coast Western to Greater Heights

 Gulf Coast Western, LLC is an Oil and Gas company that manages several other joint ventures in the industry. The firm capitalizes on the partnerships through the combination of resources, talent, industry knowledge, and expertise. The firm specializes in the exploration, development, and acquisition of oil and gas resources that are situated in the United States Gulf region. The firm, more importantly, focuses on resources that have geological and geophysical significance and have well-developed structures. Gulf Coast western when looking for companies to partner with considers many things, and they include substantial return on investment with minimal risk.

At the helm of Gulf Coast Western is Mathew Fleeger who serves as the company President and CEO. Gulf Coast Western credits its many successes stories to the firm’s partnerships that are that are founded on mutual trust, respect, transparency, integrity, and honesty. Gulf Coast Western is a private for-profit family-owned company that was founded in 1970. The company is headquartered out of Dallas and has operations in other locations in the US, and they include Texas, Mississippi, Colorado and Oklahoma.

Gulf Coast Western presence in Louisiana has been enhanced by the firm’s partnership with the Louisiana based Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The association saw Gulf Coast western acquire property rights including unlimited access to hundreds of square miles and 3D seismic database. Besides Gulf Coast, western will have working interests in a couple of oil generating wells and over a hundred already identified drilling locations that hold about 30 million barrels of oil. Other partnerships that have had a significant impact on the Gulf Coast western company in Louisiana include the collaboration with the Dallas Based Northcote Energy Ltd.

Mathew Fleeger is a renowned figure in the business world. Fleeger has decades of experience and expertise in the oil and gas industry including waste management and tanning industry. Fleeger Before joining Gulf Coast Western served as the founder, president, and CEO OF MedSolutions.

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How Can People Benefit From Freedom Checks And Secure Their Retirement?

Without making regular investments, it would be difficult to sustain yourself financially in the future. As the expenses continue to increase with time, it would be difficult for you to make ends meet if you do not have an additional source of income. It is particularly true for the middle-class people with limited income. Investments would help you stay afloat in a balanced manner even during the financial crisis or emergency. Investment provides you the financial cushion you need during challenging financial times. Experts like Matt Badiali have dedicated their lives to help people make smart investment choices, and if you are looking for an investment strategy to follow, the recent Freedom Checks strategy he proposed has proved to be highly beneficial for the investors.

You can get more details about the Freedom Checks investment strategy by reading regularly the financial newsletters he is editor of and which are published by the leading financial publication house, Banyan Hill Publishing. The names of the newsletters are Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits. In these newsletters, Matt Badiali has helped people with picking the right stocks to invest in as well as named the MLP companies that the people should invest in to get Freedom Checks or regular dividends. To secure your future financially, take the right steps at the right time else it would be difficult for you to be financially independent. Even for retirement, Freedom Checks are highly beneficial as they allow people to invest for the long term.

When people heard about Freedom Checks, they thought that the Master Limited Partnership companies would be paying for free and thought it to be a scam. But, these are dividends that you can earn from your invest in the MLP companies. The higher profits the MLP company earn, the more dividend you stand to earn. Matt Badiali came to know about it while he was working in the natural resource sector and thus, he had firsthand experience of it. He knew it is a great opportunity but not everyone knows about it. His newsletter talks about it in details so that people can make informed decisions for themselves.

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Matthew Fleeger Will Likely Have a Great Influence on Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is certainly lucky to be headed by such a skillful CEO in Matthew Fleeger. He has a strong background in marketing and finance, and he is also the company’s director and president. This is one of the strongest oils and natural gas organizations around today, and it is Fleeger’s leadership that has helped the company rise to such a position within the industry. It is undeniable the influence that his skills and experience have had.

Where was Matthew Fleeger before finding his purpose with Gulf Coast Western, however? Prior to this opportunity, he studied at the Southern Methodist University, and it is here that he earned a B.A. Additionally, he founded another company, which was called MedSolutions, Inc. CEO and president were also roles that he played at this organization, so it is no wonder that he seems so comfortable with taking the wheel and steering Gulf Coast Western.

When he takes over control of a company, Matthew Fleeger is someone who has proven that he can make a difference. Whether it is through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions or changes in corporate structure, there are always numerous possible solutions, and Mr. Fleeger can find which is the best for the situation at hand. One example of his business leading skills in action is when he used his directorial role at Palm Beach Tan Inc. to propel it towards the top of the American tanning industry.

Regardless of the nature of the business, Matthew Fleeger seems to be capable of make a world of difference when he is in charge of operations. It remains to be seen just how prominent Gulf Coast Western can become with Mr. Fleeger as the leading CEO, but if his prior accomplishments are any indication, then even greater success seems almost inevitable.

Balancing A Career, Personal Life, And Twins: Dr. Jennifer Walden Does It All With A Smile

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a popular plastic surgeon, she owns her own cosmetic surgery practice that is located in Austin, Texas. Walden is famous for her skills helping patients boost confidence and improve their appearance through cosmetic surgery procedures and non-surgical beauty treatments. She has gained national attention from big brands TV like E!, ABC. NBC, and VH1 along with being featured in magazine publications like Harper’s Bazaar, MD Monthly, and Vivez.

There is a lot more to Dr. Jennifer Walden that just her passion for her job, she shares many of her happiest moments on Instagram. Walden has twin boys that she absolutely adores and dotes on. Many of her posts include the adorable duo. Recently they went on a trip to snowy Denmark for the Mexs 2018 conference. There was time for some play time with her boys afterward and they visited a snow-covered amusement park.

There is an excellent blend of work, play, and funny Insta posts. She has shared several shots of herself performing surgeries, attending professional events, and opening new MedSpa locations in her area. Her playful pictures depict proud moments and fond memories spent with her boys. Dr. Walden has a sense of humor as well. Occasionally she reposts or posts funny pictures of pugs, including their own pet, since her boys love them so much. Finally, she isn’t afraid to be the guinea pig at her office to try out new procedures and is even brave enough to post selfies during the process. She is clearly a well rounded doctor that has been lauded for her skill and loved by her community.

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David Mcdonald The OSI Group President.

David McDonald positions in the OSI group structure.

David McDonald OSI Group is the current president and the chief operating officer of the OSI group of industries LLC. When he joined the company, David Mcdonald OSI Group started off as a project manager of the meat processing giant. He also served as the chairman of North American Meat Institute. He started off his career almost immediately after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in animal science, from the state university of Iowa. Two of his children have also followed I his steps with the rest, four likely to follow suit. At OSI industries, McDonald has served in the positions discussed below, without following any form of order. He had been an Independent Director of Marfrig Global Foods S.A, after Marfrig Frigorificos Comercio de Alimentos acquired OSI industries operations in Brazil and in Europe from December 2008. He is also a member of the board of directors of the OSI group. In OSI group operations in Australia, David Mcdonald OSI Group serves as the director of OSI international foods.

OSI Group is a privately owned meat processing company that was started in the early 1990s by an immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. Initially, the meat processing giant was established as a small family business but due to its consistent in quality, customer service, and good leadership, the small meat market has grown to what we have today. OSI industries produce are distributed by international retailers as well as used by other food processing companies, like McDanolds, as a raw product in their fast food distribution. David Mcdonald OSI Group has worked with the group of industries for the past thirty years and within that period, he has used his expertise to create reliable business partnerships and risky business moves, like the China business venture, that aims at expanding the OSI market reach.

For motivation and inspiration, David Mcdonald OSI Group has created a support team that is very committed to keeping up with the dynamism of the international market. He is also involved in number of charities, as an OSI president and as a private citizen, with Iowa, his him town and nationwide. He lives with his family, his wife and six children in the same state that he grew up in.

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Paul Mampilly Forecasts A Surge In Solar Needs

Investment guru, Paul Mampilly has a new forecast: Solar Energy. The world-class analyst, and editor of The $10 Million Portfolio says demand for energy is about to surge, and will be one of the top winning stocks.

The increase in demand is accompanied by significant changes in the energy mix. More devices, higher utility bills, as well as the transition to a nontoxic future all lead to significant changes in the energy mix, and Paul Mampilly points out those changes are leading to incredible demands in energy. Experts say renewable energy sources will double in the next 25 years.

A New Hunger For Energy

The energy industry is distinguished by lengthy cycles of development, and we must understand the long-term prospects for the possible change in the landscape. That landscape, says Mampilly, is being shattered by a solar revolution worldwide. Germany has had a record-breaking cycle of green energy: 35 percent of it’s energy was renewable in 2017. And China is looking to invest more than $366 billion in renewable energy.

According to experts, the main drivers of renewable energy is the growth in population. The world population is projected to reach nearly 8.8 billion people by 2035, and that means the request for energy will surge. More than half of the increase in global energy consumption must be due to power generation. A significant part of this increase affects the regions where a big number of residents have limited access to electricity.

When it comes to investing in renewable energy, Paul Mampilly says there is no better time. Getting exposure to new trends helps diversity portfolios, and Invesco Solar ETF (NYSE: TAN) is one fund to start with. It’s a global ETF fund that Mampilly recommends is worth watching.

Paul Mampilly, a Finance graduate of The Fordham School of Business is a long-time publisher of several popular newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing, including Profits Unlimited, and Rapid Profit Trader. Over the years Mampilly has been a portfolio manager, and research analyst at Germany’s Deutsche Asset Management, and today is a widely respected analyst and author, helping subscribers grow their wealth.

Follow Mampilly on Facebook, Twitter, and his Banyan Hill page.

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