Meet Shafik Sachedina a Surgeon Who Doubles As a Healthcare Expert

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the owner and joint chairperson of Sussex Health care. The health facility focuses on taking good medical care of individuals suffering from dementia. Born ina town in Tanzania, East Africa, Shafik Sachedina gained his expertise and knowledge in dental surgery at a dental hospital at the University of London. He is an active member of the Ismaili Community in which he serves as the head of Jamati Institutes at the secretariat of the esteemed Aga Khan. He is also a devout member of the Aga Khan committee for development. He is also the chairman of the focus humanitarian assistance international coordinating committee in which he has served diligently over the years.

In addition, he is a devout member of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum. He has also previously worked as the president of the Ismaili Council of the great United Kingdom. Being the owner of Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina holds a firm belief that superior physical, emotional and spiritual care should be administered to the patients that are placed in the institution. The institute aims to offer guidance to the patients to enable them to have a life that is as close to normal as possible. The company has a number of health clinics situated in many locations across the country. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at

Shafik Sachedina’s role in Ismaili healthcare

During his career, Shafik has done numerous studies. He has worked at institutions such as the Institute of Ismaili where he was responsible for creating ideas and working on them to make them a reality. He is highly recognized in the field of dental surgery for his contributions in terms of expertise and experience. He has been awarded severally in his career. While working in Central Asia, Shafik Sachedina was part of a team that tasked him with the role of president of the Ismaili council. This team was responsible for making all their tabled ideas a success through hard work and diligence. Seeing as Shafik has worked in many areas of the world, his experience has grown fourth fold from the time he started his career. His skills and determination have set him a notch above the rest.