Article Title: Uses AI In Real World Applications

Article Text: is a global retailer and one of the largest in China. is the biggest company in China in terms of revenue, and it deals in commodities of all manners. is a loyal and trustworthy brand because of the high standards of products that they sell. It is known for being authentic on its products, and it sells products of all ranges from electronics to cosmetics and fresh foods. has also managed to break it into the global world and provides same-day delivery as well as next day delivery as soon as someone orders a product. Recently, has been pushing Artificial Intelligence Startups to utilize AI technology in real world applications.

The first demo day that was held in March for the AI accelerator gave a chance to startups to show their projects in AI. The first group that showcased their projected were from a range of industries that include healthcare, education, retail and legal. Some of the projects that were shown at the demo have already been implemented into the system for use. An exceptional example is the company FaGouGou that provides legal consultation services that are powered by AI. This company has worked closely with the legal team at to create a chatbot that can engage with customers who require legal services. This real world application of AI intelligence has provided customers with quick and ready answers whenever they need them.

This new technology by FaGouGou is of great help because it is helping to solve the shortage of lawyers in China especially those that are experienced. One other business startup that has embraced the use of AI is wine startups. There is one app known as the 9KaCha wine app that uses’s snapshot technology that allows users to upload pictures of wine. This means that shoppers do not have to remember the names of wines they drank when the app can tell them the name through the picture and also provide other recommendations of wine similar to the one they have uploaded. This AI accelerator program is creating a lot of new opportunities for people in China.

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