Talkspace Boss, Oren Franks Engages a Medical Expert in Service Delivery

Talkspace is keen on taking mental health care a notch higher as Oren Franks said to the CNBC. The online therapy service desires to start prescribing drugs to their clients, and the addition of former United Health Employee, Neil Leibowitz the function will be actualized. He is coming on board, in the capacity of a Chief Medical Officer who will develop the medical enterprise and allow the medical personnel prescribes medicine via video tool as is the federal regulation.

Oren Franks says that cases of mental health have become rampant and it’s in the wisdom that Talkspace get serious in managing these patients. The company has been expanding thanks to the growing numbers of the user (1 million), with the parallel pool of experts being seasoned to manage the demand. Neil Leibowitz is excited to be part of this movement of change in a quest to use an internet connection to solve mental health issues.

In a bid to sensitive people about mental health, Oren Franks has deliberately shared many insights through his twitter account. Keen scrutiny of his profile highlights how passionate he is about people being psychologically upright, and the war against depression. He also makes know the Talkspace app, even recently the teen app including how it works, services offered and the need to seek help. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a modern, and popular therapy app for mental health co-founded by Oren and Roni Franks in 2012. Mental victims engage psychologists, therapists, and medical experts through video chats, from whence they run their programs; at any time of the day and from anywhere around the world. Users of this app, pay a weekly rate of US$ 79 to talk to a professional and US$ 49 if they are using the messaging app. Confidentiality of the patient’s information is an emphasized value, with all conversation encrypted from end to end.

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