Talkspace: The World Leading Online Therapy

Talkspace help connect people with licensed therapists via web and mobile apps. Talkspace is the leader in online therapy in the world. On 22nd May 2018, Michael Phelps announced a strategic partnership with Talkspace to promote therapy. Michael Phelps says that he has struggled with anxiety and depression throughout his career and that it was difficult for him to get help. When he discovered that he could talk with a therapist online, he started opening up and felt stronger. Read more articles about Talkspace at USA Today

Michael aims to help people who may be facing the same challenges he went through and show them that getting help is easier. The partnership between Talkspace and Phelps aims to fight the stigma around mental health and the social factors that hinders people from going to therapy. Phelps was also to join Talkspace Board of Advisors, which is made of a small group of experts and psychologists. This group’s main purpose is to help in advising Talkspace on the strategy to take about mental health. Talkspace CEO said that they were happy that Michael Phelps joined them.

Talkspace’s mission is to make millions of people happy. Users have access to licensed therapists through unlimited messaging therapies, which means that there is a need for appointments. Talkspace offers an excellent approach to online therapy with the growth on the internet and the use of technology. Online therapy is a sector that keeps growing day by day. Online and face to face therapies work almost the same. People prefer Talkspace Therapy because it is quite affordable and the services are incredible. Another reason why most people prefer Talkspace is because one doesn’t have to commute to get attended to. Talking via the phone is better than talking face to face with them. It works best mostly for people who have a tight schedule. Talkspace aims at providing patients with the kind of services they want.

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