New Residential Investment Corp. Continues To Build Its Future Through Leveraging The Expertise Of Its Team Members:

Since its founding, New Residential Investment Corp. has established its reputation as one of the leading real estate investment trusts in the investment industry. Originally founded within the scope of Newcastle Investment Corp. the company became a separate entity of a publically traded nature on the 15th of May in 2013. Additional management services for the New Residential Investment Corp. is also provided through one of Fortress Investment Group’s subsidiary firms. The Chief Executive Officer, Board Chairman and President of New Residential Investment Group is seasoned investment industry expert Michael Nierenberg. Since the 2013 calendar year, he has been in his CEO and President roles and he added the title of Chairman of the Board in 2016.

President, Chairman and CEO Michael Nierenberg is joined on his impressive executive management team by David Schneider and Nick Santoro. Schneider serves the company as Chief Accounting Officer while Santoro holds the title of Chief Financial Officer. These proven leaders excel at leveraging their expertise in investment industry in order to consistently deliver impressive returns on investment to New Residential Investment Corp. shareholders. When looking for assets, the team at New Residential Investment Corp. focuses on companies that utilize conservative capital structures as a means of generating returns. Stable, long term cash flow generation is also a major priority for the team at New Residential Investment Corp. The firm operates through the areas of residential securities and loans as well as servicing related assets. This has proven to be a consistently successful formula for the firm.

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