Chamonix’s Genucel Supports Women Aware

Lowered self-respect or pride, and abuse toward self are some of the effects abused women experience. Women who experience these incidences often need to involve themselves in self-care methods that focus on personal development

Self-pronouncements of their beauty, love, and value is one such self-care method. According to chronicleweek, repetitions of these assertions on the regular help survivors have a different view of themselves after a while.

Just like exercise relieves stress for some, in this case, it assists in controlling negative energy. Dance and art can also be used by survivors as a way of transferring negative energy and like exercise will promote general body health.


Chamonix’s Genucel has provided Women Aware with “gift bags” in their cause to support abuse survivors. Taking care of self and restoring the feeling of beauty within these survivors allows then to recreate who they are.

All genders have in one way or another experienced physical and emotional abuse at one point in life from their domestic partners. Women, however, are more vulnerable to these incidents as shown by statistics. Among every seven men, one has suffered domestic violence for which 25% more women have experienced domestic abuse in the United States. Women Aware in Middlesex New Jersey is a non-profit organization that has focused on helping families suffering domestic violence in this area.

Since its conception in 1981 Women Aware has provided food, shelter and recovery programs for battered families in Middlesex. Last year Moving Beyond Abuse 5K and Charity Walk had its unveiling to show support for fighters and raise funds for Women Aware facilities. Walking has been one of the self-care programs advocated by Women Aware for survivors that experience nervousness, PTSD or dejection after abuse.

Walking has over time evolved and has been used as Ecotherapy. This is where survivors come together and relate with nature on walks either in groups or individually. This interaction with the environment and learning has shown tremendous results on mental illness. Walking also is seen as a form of exercise which contributes to general health and enriched skin.

The Genucel “Gift Bag” contains some Genucel merchandises and soaps.  Age and skin elasticity are some of the most optical effects of domestic abuse. Genucel’s four-phase merchandises work for impaired and aged skin to reduce the presence of age-allied folds. Genucel seeks to lessen the tangible reminder of physical violence on these women with their PhotoCellTec products manufactured from the Malus Domestica herb. Learn more about Genucel on LinkedIn.

Women Aware can be contacted through (732) 249-4900 day or night, seven days a week or visit their website at