Rodrigo Terpins’ Plans For Forest Success

The majority of Brazilians will always associate Rodrigo Terpins will the Brazilian rally racing scene, and it’s easy to see why. He’s been well respected in the industry for the past twenty years due to the significant achievements he’s had during his career. One of the most recent of these was in 2018 when he took part in the 22nd annual Sertões Rally. Rodrigo Terpins and his partner Fabrício Bianchini were a major part of the Bull Sertões Rally Team.

Naturally, the two were worried about how they’d perform in the Sertões Rally; the extremely difficult circuit takes place over 2,600km and passes through seven cities and two states. On top of that, there was a variety of diverse terrains to contend with. All of that would make any rally driver nervous as only the best of the best make it there, and that’s before you consider the strenuous competition that you’ll be up against. Because of that, only the best rally car drivers in Brazil make it to the top ten. But Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini had something else to content with during the 2018 circuit; there were reservations about their cars suspension.

However, they overcame this and finished the first leg of the circuit in less than two hours; this guaranteed them a place in the top ten. By the end of the event, the duo had come in third in their own category while placing eighth overall. Impressive for a team who was supposed to be driving a car with some somewhat difficult suspension. However, it’s Rodrigo Terpins has been focused on environmental issues over the past decade or so; in 2009 he founded Floresvale which focused on developing and maintaining sustainable and renewable timber sources across Brazil.

Over the past decade, the company has developed over 5,000 hectares of eucalyptus forests in Brazil; the majority of these are in the Queluz, Silveiras, Monteiro Lobato, São Luiz do Paraitinga and Taubaté regions. However, Rodrigo Terpins’ goal wasn’t to get rich off timber; instead, he’s looking more toward the environmental side. Of the 5,000 hectares of forest, 2,400 of these are set aside specifically for permanent preservation.


Agera Energy Leads The Way In Energy Supply In The United States

Agera Energy is a company incorporated in the United States with several outlets throughout the country. Agera Energy improves the lives of communities through the supply of electricity and natural gas to commercial, industrial and locally based clients. Agera Energy provides adequate knowledge to customers concerning the energy sources to give customers to make informed choices about their energy requirements.

The company aims at offering cost-effective solutions to their clients with their well-planned billing platform. Agera Energy makes it easier for customers to shop for their energy requirements through their online platform which is easier to register and enroll. The online platform has easy steps to follow to complete the registration and enrollment program. The customers can then request to get supplied with their energy requirements at the click of a button in the comfort of their places.

Working experience at Agera Energy

Agera Energy prides itself to have a team of highly trained professional staff with extensive experience in the provision of services. The staff dedicates their time in research to come up with clearly defined solutions tailored to meet the expectation of each customer. Agera Energy is led through the values of professionalism and transparency which has enabled the company to serve many customers in several outlets in the United States.

Agera Energy commits to provide value for their customers’ money, and their key focus is customers’ satisfaction. The company’s recruitment process aims at finding the right candidates for the job. The company does not discriminate people on the grounds of race or age and nurtures talent significantly.

Agera Energy online platforms

Agera Energy has an active website where information regarding the company’s activities gets posted. The company also has active social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter which enables people to interact with the company extensively.

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Ashley Lightspeed significance to the business sector

Ashley Lightspeed is a business expert who operates at a venture capital company, Lightspeed Venture Partners. She has served a long occupation in consulting and customer service. At the position she holds, she has been able to offer her skills and knowledge to assist the firm. She enjoys assisting business individuals to prosper and ensure they realize their ultimate strength. Currently, she is the one in charge of the investment team for the firm. She ensures that all operations of the firm are properly executed and coordinated. See more of Ashley at

Ashley Lightspeed started her career as a consultant for Bain. Her role in this firm was to prototype ventures. The duration she spent in this company made her learn the value of possessing foresight and insight. In addition, she learned how to utilize devices such as economic modeling, which assists to structure business knowledge. After a short period of time, she shifted to operating with Thumbtack. Her responsibility in this firm was to work in the event and operating sector. She assisted the company to succeed in becoming a prominent online platform for contracting event amenities. It is at this point where she got an opportunity to be introduced to venture capital.

Ashley Lightspeed undertook her studies at Duke University, where she graduated with a degree in marketing and management. Later, she was not satisfied with the degree which led her to pursue masters in the Stanford Business School. Due to the encounters she had made with the venture capital, she got interested to join the business. She decided to stick in Lightspeed Venture Partners where she utilizes her time operating with the investment personnel. Furthermore, she has assisted to expand the activities more and offer visions to the customer retail outlet. She has an opportunity to utilize her expertise and passion for building new items daily.

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Investing with Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffry Schneider has made quite a name for himself thanks to all of the years in the lucrative investment and finance industry. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Onyx Capital located in Austin Texas where he helps clients with their alternative investments.

Jeffry attended the University of Massachusetts and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree before starting his career in finance. He held several successful positions over the years including his time at CBIC Oppenheimer. This well known company gained him much success as he became the senior vice president of their corporate and executive services team. This position gave Jeff the experience he needed to move forward with his career. He currently works to provide investment management services to families and businesses alike.

Jeffry always makes sure to take the time to enjoy life and his family when he isn’t working. He has participated in several competitive marathons across the country including the Ironman Triathlon in New Zealand. This race is particularly intense, and Jeff has ran in at least three of them since the early 2000s.

Jeffry’s firm is definitely one to pay attention to as he manages private equity, institutional investors, and alternative investments for his many clients. Jeff’s team works with investment brokers and advisors in order to find the right match for their clients. Jeff’s clients are able to score sound sponsors for their investments and trusts Jeff’s expertise in his field.

Jeffry Schneider and Onyx Capital Work hard for their clients and strive to gain lucrative results. Onyx is the way to go whether the job is for investment banking, securities management, or alternative investments. All those who are interested in learning more about Jeffry and Onyx Capital are encouraged to visit his informative website at their earliest convenience.

Fortress Investment Group Strikes A $3.3 Billion Acquisition Deal By SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group, a leading alternative asset manager in the United States, was acquired by a Japanese investment company, SoftBank for a deal was worth $3.3 billion. It is a deal that surprised many financial commentators since it seemed like it would never happen. Fortress group is a well-established investment firm that currently has assets worth more than $40 billion under its management. It looked as if an overseas company would never acquire it. However, after prolonged engagements between these two organizations, a deal was finally arrived at after concession by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. Before a major deal that involves an overseas company can be completed, the committee on financial investment must be involved.

For SoftBank to finally manage to complete the acquisition deal, there were some hurdles that they faced. Despite the hefty price that they had to incur for the deal to go through, SoftBank would retain slight control over the management of the Fortress Investment Group. In fact, the daily operations of the Fortress group will remain as they were before the deal. SoftBank will not dictate the top leadership and the location of its offices. This is a unique deal since, in other acquisitions, the buyer sets the terms of purchase.

Another challenge that SoftBank had to deal with before the acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group could be completed was that they were needed to complete any pending transaction that they had with other organizations. Despite these challenges, SoftBank was ready to go the whole course until they were in a position to acquire Fortress Investment Group with no outstanding conflicts.

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by CEO Randy Nardone and co-chairman Wes Edens. For the past two decades, this organization has grown into a leading investment firm that manages assets on behalf of over 1750 private and institutional clients. This organization has impressed many by their ability to grow assets belonging to their clients significantly. After the new deal, it is expected that Fortress Investment Group will now be in a better position to excel further. The top leadership of the Fortress group will maintain their positions even after the acquisition and will continue running the daily operations of this investment company.

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Edwin Miranda And His Views On Marketing Trends

KOI/IXS is synonymous to some of the best marketing campaigns for the last five years. This entity has also transformed some of the average performing companies to be the most competitive companies for the last five years. Edwin Miranda believes that this success is an indication of the work the company has put and more importantly, how the company has approached marketing and branding of the companies. KOI/IXS is unique in the following different ways.

First, the foundation of this company is right, and Edwin Miranda points out that having a good footing in the marketing industry is remarkable especially because the industry is unpredictable in most cases. According to Miranda, his dream was to create an entity, with an aim to help the companies have better sales and better relationships with customers. For years, the company has achieved this goal, and KOI/IXS continues to be a trendsetter in this niche.

Second, KOI/IXS has adapted a futurist approach to marketing, which according to marketing pundits is unmatched. In most cases, companies are concerned with just putting the ‘word out’ about the product or the service. However, Miranda points out that the company believes that for marketing to be effective, it must create an avenue for engagement. This approach to marketing has therefore helped the company to gain more clients and retain its existing clients. Miranda hopes that 2019 will be a year for more creative approaches to marketing.

Apart from managing some of the most innovative companies in the marketing world, Edwin Miranda believes that basic principles in corporate management are irreplaceable. Although his company is one of the best performing entities, he believes that without proper organizational structures, the vision of the company is unattainable. For this reason, Edwin Miranda has been on a journey to restructure the company’s structures in order to accommodate more productivity and be in line with efficiency trends.

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Organo Gold and its Raw Material Ganoderma in Coffee

Let’s start by taking a stake in coffee culture. This is not something that requires just a solid definition. It deserves more than that. Experience it to define it. Just for formality, coffee culture can be defined as the wide adoption of coffee as a stimulant by a large culture of people. As more and more people are digging deeper into the quality of coffee, it is becoming more important to integrate the distribution and marketing process of coffee keeping an eye on the quality. One such supplier is Organo Gold. This specific supplier offers coffee products and other supplements to ease lives of ever busy people.

Organo Gold, also known as ORGANO, is a supplier who can bond with clients who appreciate the quality of the coffee products. The company was established in 2008. It has a main objective of providing its clients with the best of coffee products in the world. You could become an independent distributor for them by buying wholesale from them. Organo Gold products include beverages body management products and personal care products.

In the less known international coffee day, September 29th, Organo Gold was not left behind to Spice up the beverage. Some of the options shared together were Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Iced Orange Creamsicle.These make coffee even more attractive to taste. Coffee can also be spices up with some ancient Asian flavors like Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a staple herb used in Asian countries and is now popularity in the Western world. It is also of nutritional value as it adds vitamin C and antioxidants to the stimulant. This product that can be trace back to 2000 years ago is worth to taste in coffee. Apart from supplying coffee products Ganoderma Gold also sponsors the OG Cares Foundation, which is dedicated to benefit young people by advising them to be responsible people.

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Boraie Development combines Efforts with Shaquille ONeal to Build Properties in Newark

Boraie Development unveiled The Aspire, a modern luxury rental tower, in 2015 for leasing. The tower was up for leasing in the 2015 summer offering trendy renters who are looking for a place that marries convenience with modern design.

The building is strategically located such that while there is beautiful surrounding scenery, there are also necessary amenities to cater for the needs of the renters. Entertainment needs have been well-taken care of with sophisticated recreational facilities. It is located near Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Rutgers University’s Downtown City Center as well as Saint Peter’s University Hospital.

The interior design of the building took a lot of thought and planning. The residential spaces have all that trendy renters will ever need and even more. Renters can choose to stay in its one-bedroom or two-bedroom designer apartments. The security of the building is enough to maintain your lifestyle without the fear of getting robbed or disturbed. The parking space is spacious and access to the building being direct.

The Aspire has a luxury resident’s lounge with all the facilities and services you can expect to get from a 5-star hotel. Boraie Development built The Aspire with an aim of bringing a phenomenal structure with rare and modern features to the New Brunswick. It has continued to develop extra-ordinary properties in New Jersey and other parts of the country.

Recently, Boraie Development partnered with Shaquille O’Neal, a former accomplished NBA basketball player, to bring housing development to Newark. The two partners turned an old theater on Springfield Avenue to CityPlex12 Newark after injecting $7 million into renovation of the theater. The prominent New Brunswick developer and the accomplished basketball player are working on other projects in Newark together.

While Mr. Shaquille O’Neal brings his financial muscle and star power, Boraie brings on board years of experience in property development and expertise. Mr. O’Neal gets an undisclosed equity stake as a return for his contribution. They are always working together to take housing development to distressed areas of New Jersey. Shaquille O’Neal does this as a way of giving back to the community that moulded him.

About Boraie Development

Boraie is a New Brunswick-based prominent property developer which has built over one million square feet of both commercial and residential property around New Jersey. Omar Boraie is the company’s patriarch who hails from Egypt where he was initially a chemist. The firm is also conscious about the community around it and how it is governed. It looks to impact the community not only through developing properties but also advocating for good governance.

Gareth Henry And His Journey As A Portfolio Manager

Gareth Henry is a financial executive and a portfolio manager. He has been building his career in the finance sector throughout the years, honing his skills in both finance and mathematics. Accumulating a lot of experiences in the past years, he is now one of the sought after managers for investment portfolios.

After he received his degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics in 2001 from Heriot-Watt University, Gareth Henry got his first job in Watson Wyatt as an analyst. He remained in Watson Wyatt for three years until he decided to join SEI Investment as an investment manager in 2004. During his stay in SEI Investment, he managed the funds for insurers, pensions, and consultants. Henry stayed in SEI for a year before moving into Schroders as a Director in 2005 and stayed there for two years.

In 2007, Gareth Henry joined the Fortress Investment Group as a managing director. This job required him to go to the United States, so he flew from London to New York for his position. During his time in Fortress Investment Group, Henry managed to raise significant capital for the company. He became the head of International Investor Relations, which made him engage in companies from the Middle East, Europe, and the United Kingdom. He is also involved in some distribution agreements in Asia. Henry also experienced working as a Global Head of Investor Relations and managed a $4 billion hedge fund business.

Gareth Henry is now working in New York and is the Global Head of Investor Relations for the firm Angelo, Gordon, & Co. He also serves as a partner in the company. As a contribution, Henry managed to raise a $2.5 billion in real estate and credit products last 2017. As one of his philanthropic works, he established the Gareth Henry Access Bursary and One-To-One Mentoring program in Heriot-Watt University. He will offer one call per term so he can give advice to students who want some career advice and getting a job. He knows the importance of having mentors he himself have 20 mentors who are experts in their own fields that helped in making him a better person.

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New Residential Investment Corp. Continues To Build Its Future Through Leveraging The Expertise Of Its Team Members:

Since its founding, New Residential Investment Corp. has established its reputation as one of the leading real estate investment trusts in the investment industry. Originally founded within the scope of Newcastle Investment Corp. the company became a separate entity of a publically traded nature on the 15th of May in 2013. Additional management services for the New Residential Investment Corp. is also provided through one of Fortress Investment Group’s subsidiary firms. The Chief Executive Officer, Board Chairman and President of New Residential Investment Group is seasoned investment industry expert Michael Nierenberg. Since the 2013 calendar year, he has been in his CEO and President roles and he added the title of Chairman of the Board in 2016.

President, Chairman and CEO Michael Nierenberg is joined on his impressive executive management team by David Schneider and Nick Santoro. Schneider serves the company as Chief Accounting Officer while Santoro holds the title of Chief Financial Officer. These proven leaders excel at leveraging their expertise in investment industry in order to consistently deliver impressive returns on investment to New Residential Investment Corp. shareholders. When looking for assets, the team at New Residential Investment Corp. focuses on companies that utilize conservative capital structures as a means of generating returns. Stable, long term cash flow generation is also a major priority for the team at New Residential Investment Corp. The firm operates through the areas of residential securities and loans as well as servicing related assets. This has proven to be a consistently successful formula for the firm.

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