Sunday Riley Exposes the Secret Behind her Great products

There is no doubt that Sunday Riley is the best beauty brand in the market. Search for it in the social media, and you will find endless praise towards it. Yes, you probably know a bit about Sunday Riley brand, but how familiarized are you to the Sunday Riley, the woman. Get to know about this interesting Texan entrepreneur who personally formulates and produce Sunday Riley brands in an interview held by The Cut prior to the launching of Sunday Riley`s store in Manhattan. You will get to know why Sunday Riley thinks Good Genes skyrocketed to the cult in recent years, her skin care routine and how she formulates her brand`s.

She founded Sunday Riley brands in 2009, with the aim of giving the world a product which never existed. She wanted to mix botanical ingredients with active ingredients to produce friendly skin care products which would fight against skin aging. Sunday Riley`s experience in the market has been her source of knowledge which she has been utilizing to upgrade and formulate her beauty products. She said that her best teacher was trial and error, learning lessons from the mistakes she made.

Good Genes is one of her bestselling products. She confessed that this product was one of the hardest product to develop which she formulated the formula personally in 20 shades. Although, the product being her top-selling there were also other products such as Power Couple, U.F.O, C.E.O., and Tidal.

Sunday Riley advised women the safest way to maintain good skin is through regular washing your face. In the morning before she begins her skin care treatment, she starts by washing her face. After washing her face, she does C.E.O vitamin C serum then Tidal follows and takes a short time probably brushing her teeth as it sinks. She then puts sunscreen on then foundation. During the night she washes her face again and then does Luna which is followed by C.E.O. serum. If the face feels dry and needs moisture, she applies Tidal or C.E.O. cream. She does Good Genes three times in a week and U.F.O. once in a week to keep her skin pores open.