Sussex Healthcare

As your senior loved one ages, there may come a time when the services of a healthcare provider is needed. Families look for nursing care facilities that offer excellence in service as well as one that has an award winning, high quality level of care. Sussex Healthcare is the top rated nursing care home facilities in the United Kingdom. Located in the southern coast of England, Sussex Healthcare has been taking care of the elderly, and persons with disabilities for over two decades. They recently clebrated 25 years of dedicated service to the communities where they are located.

Sussex Healthcare is under the leadership of joint chairpersons Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina who brought different and divergent qualifications to the realm. The first facility was opened in 1985, and has since operated more than 20 facilities in the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare provides continuing care for people in need of specialized care, including people with Dementia, and other developmental head or spinal injuries or illnesses. The homes are completely staffed with medical and professionally trained individuals. Each home has it’s own residential staff as well as on call physicians. The facility believes in administering social, leisure, and recreational activities to all people in their care.

Sussex Healthcare has a staff trained in encouraging residents to be actively engaged in their surroundings, and with each other. The facility has a gym equipped with modern state of the art equipment for residential and community use. The residents have individualized plans that are based on their interests. The facilities are provide a home like environment that caters to the comfort of each person. All of their physical, emotional, psychological, and intellectual needs are met by the caring professionals in the facilities employ. For 25 years, the best health care facility of Sussex has continued to grow to become highly ranked in the nursing care industry. In early 2018, the facility announced the appointment of the new Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Morgan Taylor. Bringing new ideas for improvements, Ms. Taylor is excited to continue growth of Sussex Healthcare and it’s award winning accreditations.

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Diedre Baggot Changes The Way Healthcare Payments Are Completed

The development of the healthcare industry has been a complex and difficult one in recent years with the unclear future of the Affordable Care Act adding to the problems facing insurers and consumers. Healthcare payments expert Deirdre Baggot has been hoping to make a difference in the way the people of the U.S. pay for their healthcare in more than 200 hospitals. The work completed by Baggot has reached those insured through Medicare, Medicaid, and Employers. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

One of the leading areas of improvement for the healthcare payments industry has been the development of the CMS Acute Care Episode Bundled Payment Demonstration. In the view of Deirdre Baggot, the healthcare payment plans already on the market have been targeted at too wide an area meaning the finer details of payment plans have often been overlooked and remain difficult to understand. Through her work with Exempla Healthcare, the expert in bundled payment for the state of Colorado has been working on behalf of both patients, medical locations, and insurers to ensure the path towards understanding exactly what is covered through insurance plans is as simple as possible.

The success achieved by Deirdre Baggot in her home state of Colorado has seen her work implemented by various groups throughout the U.S. who are looking for a simpler bundled payment plan. Among the honors achieved by Ms. Baggot are the use of her work in pilot Medicaid programs throughout New York State, which reflects the impressive nature of her work in this complex area. The aim of the healthcare business strategist is to assist in the long-term delivery of excellent healthcare options for all and a more transparent billing process for all patients and providers to understand. During her career, the expert in health insurance payments has worked with GE Healthcare, SCL Health, and Sight Medical.

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Organo Gold

Most everyone likes coffee, and finding new types of coffee is something coffee lovers like. Coffee culture has really changed over the years. The coffee culture in the United States started around the 1960’s with Greenwich Village, and today you see Starbucks and other franchises. Coffee has come in waves over the years, sometimes being more popular than others. The first wave hit in the 1800’s. At one time there was Folger’s and Maxwell House. Then you started getting into the second wave.

During the second wave of coffee you saw lattes, espressos, and all the other fancy coffee drinks. During the second wave is when coffee shops started becoming more popular. Coffee became a social aspect. Starbucks also became a hit in the second wave. During the second wave we were introduced to many different types of coffee beans from many different places including Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and many other places. Then we entered the third wave.

During the third wave, we learned all about coffee quality. People get rid of the bad coffee, and bring in more of the good coffee. Coffee lovers look farther into the coffee they drink. During the third wave, people really cared about where their coffee came from. Some consumers even began growing their own coffee beans. During the third wave, Organo Gold came out with their first line of coffee products.

Organo Gold produces a coffee line, they also produces other products including teas, nutritional shakes, beauty bars, and so much more. Organo Gold has become a hit in the coffee world. Their coffee is considered “fine” coffee. It is a coffee that most everyone enjoys. Coffee is something that is going to be around for a long time, and companies like Organo Gold are breaking ground to be some of the best coffees around.


Sheldon Lavin Is Confident That The Trend Of Growth Will Continue To Characterize OSI Group:

Sheldon Lavin has had a long and successful career in the field of food processing and distribution as a key member of the leadership team at OSI Group. He has served the company in the role of CEO and Chairman for many years now and that tenure has been characterized by a steady and consistent growth model that has seen the company become one of the most successful in its industry. As a top 100 food company in the United States of America and a global leader with facilities located in seventeen countries, OSI Group is an impressive operation that currently has more than twenty-thousand employees.

Sheldon Lavin became involved as a part of OSI Group in 1970. His initial role was as a financier for Arthur and Harry Kolschowsy, the brothers that were the heads of the company at the time. During that period, OSI Group focused the majority of its business on its relationship with McDonald’s Restaurants but Sheldon Lavin wanted to see the company expand its scope even further. When he became more heavily involved as a partnership role in 1975, Sheldon Lavin began leading the company on a campaign that saw it go global. Today, OSI Group is operating more than sixty-five processing facilities across the world and this is largely due to the vision of Sheldon.

Through his years of growing the OSI Group footprint across the globe, Sheldon Lavin has, at the same time, been able to maintain the family-rooted nature of the company and this is a fact that he is very proud of. He is a true believer in the fact that a company is only as successful as its people. That is why Sheldon still has an open door policy in his office to this day. He is serious about listening to the input of his people and this has been very helpful as a strategy to build a sustainable business model. After more than forty years being the main individual in charge of OSI Group’s growth, Sheldon still continues to believe that growth of a profitable nature will be the company’s primary future. Providing the best customer service in the foodservice industry will be a major driving force behind this fact.

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Steve Ritchie is Dedicated to Rebuilding Papa John’s Reputation

Their history of success and satisfied customers tells us that Papa John’s knows pizza. The recent actions of their CEO, Steve Ritchie, shows that they know business pretty well too.

The Papa John’s company knew that they needed to remind their customer base that Papa John’s is not just one company in an office building. Papa John’s is an amalgam of each of their 120,000 employees. Papa John’s is the people who make you great pizza and offer you friendly, efficient, service. He asked their customers to remember that Papa John’s franchisees are integral parts of their community.

In a letter to Papa John’s faithful customers Steve Ritchie acknowledged that the company had some healing to do. He insinuates that they had to re dedicate themselves of the craft of pizza making and continue their customer first mentality. In his letter he asked that Papa John’s be judged on their future and not necessarily an isolated instance from the past. He also pledged to personally oversee a Papa John’s renaissance if the public allows them.

Many insiders believe that the letter penned by Steve Ritchie was a very positive step. They believe that as the leader of the company he stood up and took responsibility. Many see him as an effective, humble, and determined, leader.

Steve Ritchie inherited a difficult job as the CEO of Papa John’s pizza. Recently he penned a letter to let their customers know that they realize that the company has a responsibility to their community and that they will uphold that responsibility. He also asks the public to remember that Papa John’s is constructed of people from the community. That Papa John’s is 120,000 employees strong and that each employee is important to the company and the community. Business insiders have embraced this accountability and have praised Steve Ritchie’s proactive actions.

JHSF Real Estate Company CEO and President Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF Participacoes is one of the largest and most recognized real estate companies in the country of Brazil. Located in the city of Sao Paulo, the company has invested in a number of property development ventures over the years, such as shopping centers, hotels, retail stores and residential homes. Businessman Jose Auriemo Neto began working for JHSF in 1993, and he became its Chief Executive Officer in 2003. Before he obtained a leadership role at the company, he previously worked in the services department of the business, and while he was in that division, he started Parkbem, a parking lot management company, in 1997.

Since Jose Auriemo Neto took over his top executive position at JHSF, the business has signed partnership deals with popular upscale fashion brands like Hermes and Jimmy Choo, and has opened up a shopping center called Cidade Jadrim, which features those designer brands. JHSF also negotiated a partnership deal with the Valentino fashion brand in 2012 and opened up the first stores in Brazil to carry this clothing label. In addition to that, the company has also taken on international projects in the US on Fifth Avenue in New York, and in Uruquay, where they developed a condominium called Las Piedras in the Punta del Este area.

JHSF was founded by two brothers named Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo, and their two business partners four decades ago in 1972. By 1990, the business was split into two ventures, one of which was real estate, which Fabio was responsible for running. The current CEO of the company is a graduate of Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University, where he majored in Engineering and Business Administration. Jose Auriemo Neto has also been a member of JHSF’s Board of Directors since 2009. Real estate is considered to be a rapidly growing industry in Brazil, so companies like JHSF see it as being one of the best investment opportunities in the country. The company not only has operations in Latin America, but it also has offices in the United States and Uruquay. JHSF is estimated to have a net worth of over $3 billion.

OSI Group: World-class Leader in Meat Processing

OSI Industries is located in Aurora, Illinois. It is among the companies that have reaped big from food processing and have managed to reap huge returns in the process. Food processing is one of the industries that have experienced tremendous growth over the decades. Its growth has mainly been attributed to the increase in food preferences among different communities in the world. Companies such as OSI Industries has taken advantage of the changing consumer preferences and decided to provide consumers with the best meat in the world. More about the company is found below.

Products Manufactured by the company

The company specializes in the processing of meat and meat products and delivers the final products to both wholesale and retail industries. Apart from producing beef products, they also produce fish and vegetables as well. Sheldon Lavin is presently the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the company. He has led the organization into achieving immense success, recording annual profits amounting to $6.1 billion.

Background of OSI Industries and Company Vision

The company opened its doors to the world in 1909. Ever since it has been at the helm in providing their clientele with high-quality meat and meat products. Most of their customers agree that the quality of their products is second to none. The company’s relentless dedication and commitment to serving its customers are one of their key attributes. The company’s vision it to widen its customer base by opening more branches and transform the world through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Awards Received by OSI Industries Due to Good Performance

With the stiff competition that is currently witnessed in the food processing industry, most companies confess that awards are hard to come by. Conversely, the company is privileged to be among companies that have received awards due to their work in the food processing industry. In 2016, they received an award from the British Safety Council. The award is a reflection of the company’s performance and provision of world-class products. It is only given to firms that attain at least five stars in the British Safety Council. To know more about the company click here.

The Bottom Line

OSI Industries is an organization that works hard to provide high-quality meat and meat products to its customers and has strived to be among the best over the decades. Their hard work has been recognized by Global organizations such as the British Safety Council. Through their leader, Sheldon Lavin, the company reveals that it will not relent in its quest to provide the world with the best meat and meat products for ages to come.