Get shiny, healthy beautiful hair with Wen by Chaz

A popular hair product for women, Wen by Chaz helps to make your hair shinier, bouncier, and give you the confidence you need when you head to work or just a night out on the town. Creator of the hair-product line, Dean Chaz’s philosophy is to create a product that gives you healthy hair.

Chaz Dean created the Wen by Chaz line with a different approach to giving women luscious hair. Chaz isn’t a believer in shampoo, instead, he believes shampoos, bleach, and irons can permanently damage hair. The Wen by Chaz line doesn’t include shampoo, instead has a cleansing conditioner. It’s one product that both cleans and conditions without damaging hair, like some shampoos, can do.

Women can feel comfortable and safe using the Wen by Chaz coloring products. Wen by Chaz’s products are either low ammonia or ammonia free. Because there’s no bleach or strong developer, the products are essentially fume-free, which helps not only the environment and also the comfort of people using the products.

If you’d like to match your product with the season, WEN has seasonal conditioners, like Fall Ginger Pumpkin, Winter White Citrus, Winter Vanilla Mint, and Fall Fresh Apple. The products are soy-protein based that help strengthen hair and boost shine. Wen by Chaz also has a rice-based line with a gluten-free formula, incorporating green and black teas. View the Wen company profile on