Sports and Financial Leader- Wes Edens

 Ever since he was young Wes Edens was an active boy. During his early years, Mr. Edens was a skier. After his High school, he joined Oregon State University where he graduated with Business Administration and Finance in 1984. After his graduation Edens was lucky to secure a job in one of the top organizations; Lehman Brothers where he served as a Managing Director and Partner serving from 1987 to 1993. BlackRock’s Asset Investor is another organization where Mr. Wes served after Lehman Brothers from 1993 to 1997.

Wes Edens is a go-getter, and after working for the financial organizations, he later founded Fortress Investment Company together with other individuals. Fortress Investment was established in 1998. The Wall Street Journal recognized Edens skills and experience. The journal described his style of investment as one with creativity for building business investment. Fortress Investment company was the first private equity firm to be traded publicly on 9th February 2007. Under Wes Edens management Fortress continued to expand and it was purchased by Nomura Holdings which is a Japanese organization. Even after the acquisition, Edens continued to be a leader in the organization, and he served as the Co-Chairman and the Board of Director of Fortress. Wes Edens has also served as a Board of Director of several organizations among them Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc, among others.

Wes Eden is also active in the society, and he does not only serve in the finance sector, but he is an active participant in sports. He is the Co-owner of Aston Villa Soccer Team. His passion for the sport is also evident in the fact that he is the co-owner of NBA Franchise Milwaukee Team. Edens together with his partners is happy to be the owners of one of the greatest football teams in the world. The love for sports led Edens to create Sports which is a professional video game. Being a public figure, Wes continues to make a positive impact both in the sports and the finance industries. He also continues to lead Fortress Investment Company as well as other firms including Nationstar Mortgage.

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