OSI Group- Making A Difference In The Food Industry

There is no doubt that OSI Group is the biggest company in the United States as far as the food industry is concerned. It is also ranked at number 58 among the top 100 private businesses. It is based in Illinois, although its operations are now global. It has 65 production plants spread out in 17 countries.

The company is trying to make the food industry one of the greatest in the count. With a valuation of over $6 billion, this company is making billions in revenues every year. Its mission is to expand its operation to more countries in the coming years.

The leadership of the OSI Group is one of the reasons it has excelled so well in the past few years. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO lead the company. He is assisted by David McDonald the COO of the company. Over the years, these two leaders have tried to make OSI the greatest company in the food production business, and they can now confidently say that they have accomplished. Both of them have worked in the company for not less than three decades. The success of the company is therefore tied to their success. It is through the efforts they have applied that the company continues to dominate the food sector.

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OSI Group is now focusing on taking advantage of the technologies that are coming up. Technology makes production work easier since it introduces efficiencies. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, this company has embraced sustainability as one of the methods through which they are going to maintain their position in the industry. OSI is doing great work of ensuring that there is sufficient food available in the world. Sustainable production methods will take us closer to accomplishing that mission.

OSI Group is a company that was founded on the principles of delivery of food products to the people at all times. Looking at the manner in which this company has been doing its work, there is no doubt that there will be better things in the food industry in the coming years. They are placing every effort on growing the company and the food industry.