Peter Briger: Appealing To Customers Through Advanced Marketing Strategies

Marketing is one of the most important factors for any person working in the financial industry. This skill will help an individual to reach out to the customers and explain to them the products and services that an organization is selling in a simpler language that they can understand. Peter Briger is well aware that marketing financial products is very difficult because most of the individuals around the world are risk averse.

Peter Briger is also aware that only few people will be able to understand the financial market because of the terms being used by experienced financial analyst. Use of complex terms and vocabularies makes most of the customers to have a feeling that one is lying to them and is only interested in conning them. After understanding these problems, Briger came up with some important strategies that would help Fortress Investment Group to market its products in a friendly manner.

One of the main strategies used by Peter Briger is ensuring that he uses simple language which every customer interested in buying financial products at Fortress Investment Group can understand. This means that company could be able to explain the complex terms used in the financial industry and make them easy to understand. All individuals making investment decisions could therefore have the necessary knowledge and information that would help them to come up with the best alternative without feeling cheated.

Secondly, Peter Briger incorporated another strategy that helped the company to market the products in a better way. This strategy included personalizing the company products such that they meets all the specific needs of the consumers. To implement this strategy, Fortress Investment Group invited customers and asked them to provide information about the financial product they would like to purchase.

The company would later use the information collected from the customers to design tailor-made products that meet the needs of the consumers. It is through this strategy that the company was able to attract a large number of customers. This is a clear explanation as to why Fortress Investment Group has a huge customer based as compared to other asset managers operating in the same industry.

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Southridge Capital: Revolutionizing Financial Solutions World

Founded in 1996, Southridge Capital has revolutionized the key financial solutions sectors including debt financing by developing bespoke financial solutions tailored to each client’s needs. The private equity company, through a pool of highly qualified and experienced financial solutions advisors, is dedicated to helping their clients overcome financial challenges by offering alternative investment vehicles that can help them realize high returns on investments. Headquartered in Ridgefield, Connecticut, Southridge Capital specializes in security brokerage in addition to investment banking advisory services. To shore up its asset base and diversify its revenue stream, the company invested in technology startups Fakespace Systems and Raft International. The company offers financial and investment advisory services to both individuals and corporations.



Experienced-based Financial Solutions Advisory



Southridge Capital was founded by a group of vastly experienced financial experts led by Stephen M. Hicks. A founding principal of the company, Mr. Hicks currently serves as the CEO. An enthusiast of cryptocurrency, Mr. Hicks is a financial investment industry veteran with over three decades of experience. He is in charge of Southridge Capital’s strategic growth and development. Specialist in a wide range of financial management fields including investment, risk arbitration, and financial markets derivatives, Stephen Hicks spends most of his day reviewing and studying investment portfolios with the view of identifying new investment opportunities while also fast-tracking portfolios. Mr. Hicks, who is also an experienced specialist in financial restructuring, is an alumnus of Fordham University. He graduated from the university with a Master of Business Administration degree. For more details visit Bloomberg.






Southridge primarily relies on the experience of its leaders and employees to bring ideas to life. The company also sources for clients through referrals which have grown over the years due to its longevity in Wall Street. In some cases, the company reaches out to potential clients. Stephen Hicks, who also studied business administration at King’s College, believes that focusing on cash returns on investment for each investment portfolio can help in being productive and successful in the investment banking sector. Such mastery of the daily cash flows from each investment portfolio can only be achieved by experienced financial advisors such as Mr. Hicks and his team of professionals at Southridge Capital. Visit



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Jacob Gottlieb And His Success With Visium

Jacob Gottlieb’s reputation for healthcare investments was well known when he founded Visium. Jacob began investing when he was in his early teens. His hard work-ethic and supporting family gave him the motivation to succeed academically. Jacob Gottlieb graduated Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a medical degree from the NYU School. After completing his medical internship, Jacob Gottlieb discovered a passion for finances and turned his focus for a career on Wall Street.

He began as an analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co while simultaneously earning his Financial Analyst Certificate. In a few years, he began his new career as a healthcare portfolio manager at Merlin Biomed Group. Immediately following, he worked at Balyasny Asset Management where he became the top earner at the firm. His ambitious drive for a successful career made him create his own investment company Visium in 2005.

Founded by family and friends, Jacob Gottlieb had no trouble raising $300 million in seed capital from his trust with investors. There were high hopes for Visium since Jacob Gottlieb’s leadership and support for his talented portfolio managers and recruitment led to the company’s fund of $8 billion dollars with 170 employees across New York, London, and San Francisco.

Unfortunately, his success with Visium ended when three employees were charged with security mismarking and insider trading by the SEC and U.S Attorney’s Office in 2016. Their actions inflated returns and affected millions in management and performance fees. Due to the widespread panic and loss of employees, Jacob Gottlieb was forced to close down his company.

That didn’t stop Jacob from continuing his career as a health investor. His network with investors and reputable performance has led him to open an office in New York City where he began building his portfolio in investments with Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Sellas Life Sciences. His new chapter begins after the fruitful years he had with Visium.

Jason Hope Reminds the World about the Wonders of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is a hot topic since its first introduction to the world of technology as a concept in 1982. Since then, the elaborate explanation of how the world could use a network to connect objects and utensils became a reality, and, in 2018, many day-to-day objects already have the technology imbued.

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, is an observant of the Internet of Things and its usage in many different environments. He is a long sympathizer of the technology and believes it is one of the most significant advancements humans have ever done in the tech industry. Read this article at to know more

According to Jason Hope, who founded the company Mobile Technology, the Internet of Things’ introduction to society and its spread like wildfire means that the limits of what is possible now are unknown. Airplanes are using the power of IoT to better communicate with the headquarters and to warn them about any malfunction in the engines. Doctors are using IoT to better scan and transfer information about patients so that they can diagnose diseases with higher accuracy. Jason Hope also acknowledges that IoT can improve the day-to-day life of any individual, with watches that can connect to other devices and scan the heartbeat of the user, as well as fridges that are able to warn the owner that there is a shortage of space of that it is not cold enough inside.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and a community-guy, having donated money to non-profit causes and provided resources to many organizations.

The entrepreneur, who decided to make his own tech company because of his love for the industry, received a degree in finance from the Arizona State University and later got an MBA in business. His passion for the tech world, though, he has since he was a teenager, being fascinated with the old technology that was a novelty at that time.

For those that are unaware of how the Internet of Things works, Hope has further explained the concept that is taking over the world.

The IoT technology allows for devices to connect to each other beyond what objects we expect to be capable of doing so. While computers connecting through the LAN is something, we are used to, “dumb” devices such as vehicles and kitchen utensils now have the same opportunity of connecting through a network. Jason Hope is very optimistic about this future of new possibilities.

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Marc Beer Is On A Mission To Provide Women With Better Health

Marc Beer has been in the healthcare industry for more than two decades, specifically focused on pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Throughout his career, he has been in many executive positions and has developed his own treatments as well. Today, Marx is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Renovia Inc. Renovia was first founded back in 2016 by Marc Beer, Ramon Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorie. Before founding Renovia, Marc Beer was working at ViaCell, a company he founded and also lead as CEO with more than 300 employees working under him. The main focus of this organization was the development and preservation of stem cells that are found inside the umbilical cord after babies are born.


In the latest series of funding done by Marc Beer, he was able to pull in a deal worth 32 million dollars, which included an extra 10 million dollars through added venture debt. Renovia is only a new Medtech company located in the Boston area, but it quickly building momentum and making a name for itself through the leadership skills of Marc Beer. The primary treatments Renovia is looking at for the time being have to do with pelvic floor disorders in women and they are constantly researching new methods of treatment, including therapeutics. According to estimates, there are hundreds of millions of women around the globe suffering from pelvic floor disorders, which means Renovia could have a far reach and impact around the world if they are successful.


Recently, Renovia was able to put out its very first product that has been approved by the FDA which is being called Leva. Thanks to the successful and generous funding from other organizations, Renovia has a good outlook for the future. Longwood Fund has been one of the leading supporters of the funding rounds at Renovia, with much of the rest coming from link-minded individuals who are looking to create a healthy world for everyone to live in. With more funding, Marc is certain that Renovia could develop more advanced equipment that would be more cost effective for patients with more treatment options, such as a portable Leva device. Learn more :