Paul Mampilly, Profits Unlimited Newsletter Founder

Paul Mampilly was born in India. He was brought up in his native country before relocating to the United States. He developed an interest in the finance and investment industry at a young age. He attended the University of Fordham in New York City where he attained his MBA in 1996. He commenced his career in finance as an assistant portfolio manager at the Bankers Trust in the year 1991. He has also been an employee of the Wall Street Insider. He boasts of a remarkable 25-year experience in the equity investment industry. Due to his passion and dedication in the finance sector, he has accumulated top customers including Fortune 500 corporations, Swiss private banks, and senior American Investors. Paul Mampilly has also been responsible for multimillion-dollar programs while serving at ING and Deutsche Bank. He is passionate in the stock market. In his many years of expertise, he has enabled small companies to develop business structures and innovative models; this has helped most of them to improve their operations.

Before his retirement at the age of forty-two, he participated in an inestimable number of business workshops and conferences where he shared his expertise with many entrepreneurs. He founded the Profits Unlimited newsletter which has currently grown to over 100,000 subscribers in a short period. Headquartered in Florida, the publication was initially called Sovereign Society; it was later renamed Banyan Hill Publishing. The platform has allowed several investors to access thoroughly researched information in business investments. He points out that most of his readers are Main Street Americans who need accurate and helpful information from an external perspective rather than the traditional periodicals in finance.

Banyan Hill Publishing allows its visitors to access opportunities that will efficiently develop their retirement accounts. The publications are usually based on the readers’ needs. He motivates his visitors to invest in the lucrative investment ventures of the Internet of Things and Bitcoin. He maintains that these highly profitable plans offer high returns on investments. Paul Mampilly has appeared on several media channels including Reuters, CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg amongst others. He won in the 2008 Templeton Foundation Investment contest that resulted in a $50 million portfolio award. Paul Mampilly is also the head of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum; he contributes weekly to the firm’s newsletters. He has held senior managerial positions in various companies. In the year 2015, he served as Speculator’s chief editor. He has also been in top positions at Kinetics Asset Management.