Mrs. Betsy DeVos: A True Reformer

When Betsy DeVos was at Calvin College, she was an active member of campus politics. Since that time, she has been actively involved in a wide range of campaigns, party organizations, and political committees. This includes serving as the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party for six years. One thing is for certain, Mrs. DeVos is a reformer. Her husband is also involved in politics and was a candidate for the Governor of Michigan in 2006. Mr. DeVos is also the former president of Amway as well as the former president of the Orlando Magic.


The power couple works to create solutions to a variety of social problems. Mrs. DeVos and her husband founded the Windquest Group in 1989. This is a private, multi-company organization that focuses on manufacturing, technology, and clean energy. Mrs. DeVos is the chairman of the Widquest Group among many other nonprofit roles. She is also the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and a member of numerous local and national boards that include the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and more. She is also the chairman of the American Federation for Children (AFC) as well as the Alliance for School Choice.


During an interview with Mrs. DeVos, she explained that she is an advocate for school choice because she believes that children shouldn’t be limited to a certain school based on their zip code. She is also in favor of homeschooling. According to Mrs. DeVos, homeschooling gives parents the chance to take control of their children’s education. When asked of her greatest achievements, she explained the Florida tax-credit scholarship program has allowed more than 50,000 students in Florida to attend the school of their families choice.


Mrs. DeVos continues to help further expand charter schools. She joined First Lady Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan in Washington to visit an all-girls charter school. She also visited Florida and appeared with famous rapper Pitbull at the charter school he founded in Miami. Mrs. DeVos believes in using vouchers and tax-credits to give children the ability to attend charter or private schools. She also advocates for virtual schools and magnet schools. Her hard for toward educational reform is only one reason President Trump appointed her to the position of the United States Secretary of Education, and she will continue to work hard to give parents more educational choices to help their children succeed.


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